Voice UI brings in-store convenience to digital channels

by | Jan 13, 2023 | Brand marketing, Content management, Insights, Voicify News

When most people shop in a store and can’t find something, what do they do? They ask someone.

 When people shop online, they don’t have that option. Instead, they type in a few keywords or use facets and filters to narrow down the inventory.

 Clearly, the in-store option is the most efficient, but with 218.8M online shoppers in the US alone, a good portion of your customer base won’t ever step in your store, assuming you even have one. Whether you are a big brand like Home depot with 1 million products, Safeway with over 11k or a small or medium business with 500+, product discoverability is key in the customer journey.

 Today it’s simple to bring the convenience of in-store support to the eCommerce experience. And by increasing the speed of discovery and adding to cart you retain goodwill with the customer for more complex tasks like checkout. And that’s important when 80% of carts are abandoned because of friction.

 A voice UI or better yet, a digital assistant can aid in removing all friction in your customers finding what they are looking for. Don’t you owe it to them, and ultimately to the business to bring every efficiency you can? Especially when the benefits are calculable.  Take a look!

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