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Busy stores need someone to answer the phones

Voicify is currently seeking Reseller Partners in regions of North America to provide our Voice AI Answering product to the food, beverage and hospitality industries. Voicify is the market leader in conversational AI, with years of experience engineering custom voice solutions for brands, stores and restaurants.

Voicify has cutting edge AI voice that answers phones every single time. Busy store employees aren’t answering all the calls. We see a 2-3 times increase in calls answered when using Vocify. That means more orders, more reservations and happier customers.

Every restaurant, retail, automotive and personal services business needs AI to answer phones. The market opportunity is huge and wide open.

Why sell Voicify AI Answering?

The Product:

Answers every call
in English or Spanish.

Speak naturally,
no phone trees.

Answer questions like location, hours of operation, menu questions and more.

Text links to existing online ordering and reservations services.

Complex, niche and unexpected questions are recorded and easily added
to your responses which increases system value
over time.

The Value:

Easy to sell.

High value, low cost.

Great margins.

No integrations required,
it’s stand alone.

Extend crew labor savings.

100% SaaS.

No equipment to install.

Up and running in hours.

Easy to learn, understand
and admin software,
no programming or configuration skills required.

Partner with us.

Trusted by Restaurants

Why Partner With Us?

We are dedicated to delivering the next generation of voice experiences after creating a history in conversational AI and a growing cohort of integations partners. Read more about our partners.

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