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Voicify Integrations

Voicify’s strategic collaborations with leading Restaurant SaaS providers form a powerhouse ecosystem designed to cater comprehensively to every facet of a restaurant’s needs. Elevating efficiency, delighting customers, and optimizing overall business performance lies at the heart of this dynamic partnership system.

Im Bestreben, ein möglichst benutzerfreundliches Spielerlebnis zu schaffen, integriert Voicify-Lösungen, um Sprachschnittstellen in seine Dienste einzubinden. Die Spieler können nun Sprachbefehle verwenden, um auf der Website zu navigieren, Wetten zu platzieren und Kontoinformationen abzufragen, wodurch das Spielerlebnis noch reibungsloser und intuitiver wird
A Voicify, especializada na criação de aplicações e chatbots activados por voz, poderá revolucionar a experiência do utilizador do site do PortuGanha. Combinando estas tecnologias, o PortuGanha poderá oferecer interação por voz para avaliações e recomendações de casinos online, disponibilizando informação através de comandos de voz.

Ordering, Loyalty, and Reservation Integrations

Complex orders with changes, in real time

Delivery specifics, location, payment

Times, dates, and individual schedules

 Intent, to order, to pickup to dine in or any other need

Complete details about all menu items and mods

 Transaction details and loyalty info

Accurate upsells and order review

 Confirmation, reminders and fulfillment info

Integrations Partners

“In the digital age, customers expect a consistent experience regardless of how, where, and when they engage with a brand. Voicify AI is uniquely positioned to enhance the guest experience while allowing restaurants to capture more orders and drive revenue.”

— Alex Cranfill, Director of Partnerships at Chowly

“Voicify augments human staff and expands a restaurant’s digital ordering footprint by learning the menu and accepting guest orders quickly and accurately using natural human speech. Through the integration with PAR, orders will be sent directly to the POS.”

— Jeff McMahon, CEO at Voicify

“The mission of our partner network is to expand operational competitive advantage for the thousands of restaurants we serve by making a broad range of innovative technologies available. We are thrilled that we can offer Voicify’s innovative approach to Voice Assistance automation to help our restaurant clients accelerate adoption of Voice AI…

— Nolan DeCoster, SVP Partnerships and Business Development at Olo

“Since our early entry in the digital restaurant service space, consumer behavior has proven time and time again that guests expect convenience and consistency across every touchpoint. Voicify’s AI solutions stand out for their ease of use in empowering restaurant owners and operators to capture more orders and drive revenue…”

— Rob Taylor, EVP/Managing Director at QikServe

“Unlike any other Voice solution on the market, our platform is designed to be flexible, and is built one hundred percent upon APIs. This leads to faster learning, very rapid implementations, easier menu and pricing updates, and less long-term technological burden.”

— Jeff McMahon, CEO at Voicify

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Voicify Restaurant Partners

Voicify is driven to bring the best partner technology to restaurants hungry for innovation and competitive advantage. Our restaurant partners have discovered that voice AI is an essential ingredient in their recipe for success.

With our integrations and any voice channel, restaurant partner locations have found they can rely on the value of never missing another call again.

Restaurant Partners

We look forward to having Voicify free up our employees to focus even more on the high-value, personal aspects of hospitality… In my view, Voicify becomes an extension of our team, so that we can continue our high-touch approach to hospitality that has made us the place ‘where life happens’.”

— Krista Hoskins, Director of Business Planning and Implementations, NORMS

“Voicify AI helps us fulfill our mission by making it incredibly easy for our customers to connect with their local Pure Green Franchise superfoods location and our healthy cold-pressed juices and smoothies. The vast majority of caller questions can be answered by Voicify AI. It’s like having an extension of our team.”

— Ross Franklin, Founder, Pure Green Franchise

“The Voicify AI platform is incredibly powerful, limited only by your imagination. We’ve been completely blown away by how it enables us to empower our guests by answering questions common to our menu and off-premises service style.”

— Angell Tsang, Chief Technology Officer at T’so Chinese

“With restaurant and hospitality providers burdened by staffing challenges, every person’s time on the team is precious. That’s where having a frontline AI assistant adds immense value for our teams, our Familia, at Zaza…so our people can keep their focus where it really matters: showing our famous hospitality and preparing our delectable Cuban fare for our guests.””

– Virginia Allen, VP of Finance at Zaza Cuban Comfort Food