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Take complex orders with modifiers and changes

Our smart and friendly AI takes guest orders and payment, including changes and complicated orders. Quickly. Accurately. Affordably. Reliably.

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Why Voicify your guest ordering?

Voicify AI Ordering takes AI Answering to the next level. Integrated directly with your existing tech stack, Voicify AI Ordering is your intelligent, reliable front-line solution for automating phone-in orders and payments.

Roll out AI Ordering in a matter of weeks. Our advanced API-driven architecture and built-in setup tools make administering AI Ordering a breeze. Roll out menu and pricing changes across all your points of order in one click. Hold the pickle? Complex orders? Order changes? Voicify handles it all without missing a beat (or a condiment).

Our AI won’t leave your kitchen, IT team (or guests) scratching their heads.

Complex Order Customization. Voice AI Ordering handles complex orders with modifications like a trained chef, empowering customers to tailor their orders to ‘taste perfection’. Back-end setup for modifiers and other parameters is just as easy.

Efficiency with a Side of Accuracy. Your AI Ordering system from Voicify starts smart and keeps getting smarter, continually learning and improving based on guest interactions. Easier for guests, better for you: fewer mistakes, fewer remakes, less waste.

Better Engagement, More Completed Transactions. Voice AI Ordering automates more of your orders across a host of ordering channels (phone, kiosk, drive-thru, and more). More orders, more sales, and greater guest satisfaction. In addition, it ‘auto-magically’ gives guests order status updates via text or speech.

Voice AI Ordering builds on our powerful AI Answering product.

With built-in smarts that improves over time, Voicify AI Ordering takes orders and payments quickly and accurately, freeing your staff to focus on serving delicious food and superior service.


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