Give Every Caller a Friendly Welcome with Voicify AI Answering

Watch it in Action

Raise the bar on service, without more headcount

Optimized for restaurants, the Voicify platform serves guests via voice and SMS text, on demand.

Why 'hire' AI Answering

Fields general call-in questions such as operating hours and directions

Frees your human team members for other valuable tasks

No more missed
guest calls

Automates phone-based front-line guest service for an affordable monthly fee

Can speak or text links to directions, online menu and ordering platform

The foundation for your restaurant AI strategy

Why Voicify your phone answering?

Natural Language Understanding

Up and running in days

No programmers required

Scale to your Knowledge Base

Never miss a phone call and deliver the answers your diners need.

Key benefits of AI Answering

Answer. Always. Using Voicify AI Answering, your restaurant responds to every inbound guest call immediately providing answers and service that are consistent and reliable. As needed or at customer request, the AI Answering assistant can connect the caller with human store staff.

Deliver High Touch Service, Outsource the Labor. Your highly valuable team members can focus on preparing orders and face-to-face guest service while call-in customers still access the information they need through voice or SMS text, for a convenient and seamless experience.

Boost Conversion Rates. When your restaurant addresses customer inquiries promptly, you can enhance satisfaction and increase conversion rates, turning inquiries into reservations or orders.

Never miss a phone call and deliver the answers your diners need.

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