By Industry

Media & Advertising

Generate revenue with innovative content and advertising models

Sports & Entertainment

Extend the experience from the field or venue to the fans wherever they are.


Deliver the modern contactless experience your customers have come to expect. 


When the product isn’t just the goods, but the experience, voice apps connect all the dots.

Restaurants & Hospitality

Meet your customers where they are at with modern, conversational experiences.


Nothing beats the convenience of voice when your customers are on the go.


Where ‘here to serve’ meets the ‘always on easiness’ of voice with Voicify.


Turning Alexa and Google Assistant into virtual CSR’s while making your own.


From starting intake at home to rehabilitating from a distance.

Financial Services

Deliver customer service to customers’ pockets, cars, kitchens, and more. 

Higher Education

Engage the faculty, alumni, and support the student body with conversational assistants.