Restaurant Voice AI Reservations

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Provide courteous, self-service table reservations that never sleeps

Empower guests to make reservations at their convenience. Integrated with your other restaurant technology, Voicify also  balances table seating, ensuring a seamless booking and seating experience that’s fun and simple to use for guests and hosts alike.

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Why Voicify your reservations?

24/7 Availability

Voicify AI Reservations automates tablebooking. It’s available around the clock to accept guest table reservations.

Effortless Scheduling

Our platform seamlessly integrates with any software, making reservations and table management smooth and efficient.


Voicify AI Reservations helps balance tables among waitstaff and optimizes seating for staff efficiency.

Automate Guest
Updates, too

Guests are notified via speech or text when their table is ready.

Voicify AI Reservations is the solution for providing courteous, always-on table booking. Guests can call 24/7 to reserve their table for your open hours.

Why wait to elevate your restaurant’s reservations and streamline operations? Request your demo of Voicify AI Reservations today.


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