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The Voicify Experience Platform

The Voicify Conversation Experience PlatformTM provides brands and organizations with the ability to create engaging convesration-based applications (“apps”) in one location that automatically deploys to Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Custom Voice Assistants, chatbots, and other devices.  The platform is designed to offer brands and organizations the ability to deploy feature-rich voice apps and intelligent chatbots quickly while offering the flexibility of unlimited customization.

The Voicify Platform provides brands with pre-built features such as Events, FAQs, Daily Updates, Reminders, Checklists, Surveys and Latest News. The Platform also offers the flexibility for brands to create their own custom conversation applications without the need for any technical knowledge or the need for expensive voice developer resources.

Once brands have built and deployed a voice app or chatbot on the Voicify Platform, brand authors can administer conversation content within the Voicify Conversation Content Management SystemTM.  The Conversation Content Management SystemTM offers an intuitive interface that allows non-technical personnel to create, modify, and remove content for a voice application and/or intelligent automated chatbot.  This allows brands to keep their conversation experience fresh and their customer experience more dynamic and engaging.

Behind the scenes, the Voicify Conversation Experience PlatformTM is cloud-based, eliminating the need for brands and organizations to invest in additional infrastructure.  The cloud-based offering also results in regular updates and enhancements that are automatically available to brands and organizations that are customers of Voicify.

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