5 Ways that a Voice UI Drives Value in Restaurant Mobile Apps

by | Feb 16, 2023 | Brand marketing, Content management, Insights, Voicify News

In recent years, voice user interfaces (VUIs) have gained popularity across a range of industries. One area where VUIs can be especially beneficial is in mobile ordering applications for restaurants. By allowing customers to place orders using their voice, restaurants can provide a more seamless and efficient ordering experience. In this blog post, we’ll explore the benefits of a voice user interface for a restaurant mobile ordering application.

  1. Increased speed and efficiency

One of the primary benefits of a VUI for a restaurant mobile ordering application is increased speed and efficiency. Rather than having to navigate through a series of menus and options, customers can simply speak their order aloud. This can significantly reduce the time it takes to place an order, which can lead to shorter wait times and happier customers.

  1. Improved accuracy

In traditional mobile ordering applications, there is always a risk of errors occurring when customers enter their orders manually. This could be due to typos or miscommunications, which can result in incorrect orders and dissatisfied customers. With a VUI, the risk of errors is greatly reduced, as customers are simply speaking their orders aloud. This can help ensure that orders are accurate and customers receive exactly what they ordered.

  1. Enhanced accessibility

Voice user interfaces can also help enhance accessibility for customers with disabilities or those who have difficulty using traditional mobile ordering applications. By allowing customers to place orders using their voice, restaurants can provide a more inclusive and accommodating ordering experience.

  1. Increased customer engagement

By implementing a VUI for their mobile ordering application, restaurants can also increase customer engagement. Voice technology is still relatively new and exciting, and customers may be more likely to use an application that incorporates this technology. By providing a more interactive and engaging ordering experience, restaurants can build stronger relationships with their customers and encourage them to return in the future.

  1. Potential for personalization

As VUI technology continues to advance, there is also the potential for personalized ordering experiences. By analyzing customer order history and preferences, a restaurant’s mobile ordering application could potentially provide tailored recommendations or even anticipate a customer’s order before they speak it. This could help create a more personalized and memorable ordering experience for customers.

In conclusion, a voice user interface can provide numerous benefits for a restaurant’s mobile ordering application. From increased speed and efficiency to improved accuracy and accessibility, VUIs can help restaurants provide a more seamless and engaging ordering experience for their customers. As voice technology continues to advance, there is even more significant potential for personalization and customization, making VUIs a promising area for restaurant innovation. Voicify enables restaurant groups and mobile app product teams to layer in a voice UI simply and seamlessly, leveraging existing functionality and deepening the value of the app for the business.

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