Optimizing Checkout Times by 60%

by | Feb 21, 2023 | Brand marketing, Content management, Insights, Voicify News

As new technologies emerge, companies face more and more pressure to improve the customer experience. And as they strive to provide their customers with an amazing journey, the bar rises for everyone. 

Today, if a business wants to stand above the competition and earn repeat customers, they need to provide a seamless, data-driven approach. 

That’s why we’re sharing a straightforward way that companies can achieve this, all while reducing cart build and order submission time by 60%!

The Typical Ordering Process

It’s a familiar scene: it’s Saturday morning and the kids are chaotic, or maybe you’re just feeling sleepy and don’t want to cook, so you open up a food app to see if anything catches your interest. Only scrolling through all the options takes so long that you decide to whip out some cereal and call it a day. 

Maybe that’s just us, but your standard, typical ordering process often goes like this.

Say we want to order 1 Iced Latte, 2 Hashbrowns, and a Bagel.

We open up the app and go to Iced Drinks, scroll down to Iced Latte, and make all of our modifications so we end up with a Medium Iced Latte with 2% Milk and Vanilla Syrup. That takes about 30 seconds. 

Then we scroll back through the menu to Snacks & Sides, find the Hashbrowns, and add two orders to our cart. That takes another 30 seconds, and since we’re familiar with the mobile app, we move through it pretty easily.

Then we add a Bagel but after reweighing our options, we decide to add an extra shot of espresso to our Iced Latte, which means backtracking to make the edit to the cart. 

All told, it takes nearly 3 minutes to get our cart ready for ordering. And, we didn’t receive any upsell or cross sell suggestions at the time of ordering. 

The Voicify-Powered Ordering Process

Imagine the same order but this time, in a food app powered by Voicify. 

In an ordering process with Voicify, the customer experience is much closer to a process everyone is familiar with: ordering at a counter. 

Instead of scrolling through a menu and making their selections, customers simply order.

Customer: “I’d like one Medium Iced Latte with 2% Milk and Vanilla Syrup, 2 Hashbrowns, and a Bagel.”

Voicify’s Automatic Speech Recognition understands the user’s utterances, and its Natural Language Model is trained on menu items and options to ensure the customer’s language is contextually understood. In other words, Voicify ensures we get the customer’s order right, everytime. 

When customers make any modifications to their cart, Voicify understands and updates accordingly, ensuring accuracy both verbally and visually. 

Customer: “Actually, add an extra shot of espresso to the iced latte.” 

Voicify: *Cart automatically updates.* “Okay, so far I’ve got one Medium Iced Latte with 2% Milk, Vanilla Syrup, and an extra shot of espresso, 2 orders of Hashbrowns, and a Bagel. Is there anything else?”

Upselling and cross selling logic are also executed every time, consistently, so you maximize your selling opportunity. And Voicify ‘Effects’ leverage multimodality to visualize the assistant’s verbal reference so customers can see what it’s referencing. 

Voicify: Would you like to try our seasonal Cookie Butter Cold Brew?” *Customer’s app shows the referenced item.*

Customer: *Thinks the referenced item looks appetizing.* “Sure, I’ll add a small!”

Voicify then connects directly to the POS system to submit the order while also capturing metrics on every aspect of the conversational ordering process. That means you get new insights on how customers are talking to your brand. 

The Voicify assistant can even instruct the customer on next steps to decrease friction later in the process.

Voicify: “When you arrive in store, head to the pick up sign and look for your name and order number #592 on the receipt.”

All in all, Voicify brought this ordering experience from 164 seconds (nearly 3 minutes) down to just 65 seconds, decreasing the ordering time by 61%. 

Voicify Your Mobile Cart and Check out

Consider how many items you have on your menu. Now consider navigating through them all on your phone. It’s a lot, right?

What about the number of taps and swipes it would take to modify an item in your cart? What if instead, you allowed your customers to speak those changes?

Voicify solves for all of this. By reducing cart build and order submission time by 60% with our Voice UI, you can increase your revenue, decrease cart abandonment, and drive repeat customers back to your business for more. 

We’re working with some of the largest players in the restaurant industry to reimagine the food ordering experience with voice. 

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