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Voice Apps and Voice Assistants

Voice assistants (aka virtual assistants) are artificial intelligence technologies that are designed to perform tasks when audibly instructed to do so such as turning on music or checking the weather. Voice assistants are now common features on new smartphones and smart speakers and are also being integrated in automobiles and other media devices. The most popular and smartest voice assistants are Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa, and Google Assistant (sometimes referred to as Google Voice). They are what makes your smart devices smart.

Just like mobile apps provide extra features and functionality to a smartphone, voice apps provide extra features to a smart speaker and device. Most voice assistants are designed by the manufacturer to perform basic tasks according to what the device is able to perform on its own as mentioned earlier. However, voice apps can be added to smart devices to increase their functionality such as ordering a pizza from Dominos or requesting a car from Uber.

Voicify brings your business and voice apps to these popular names including Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Samsung Bixby.

Voicify enables the ‘voicification’ of operational content and processes by leveraging intuitive UI for with the ability to extend the platform to integrate existing tools through Voicify. Together with Voicify, you will create a powerful voice assistant for your entire workforce.

Let Voicify help you utilize the latest technology to create voice apps and integrate them with popular virtual assistants

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Voice App Stats

Voice assistants are intertwined into every part of our lives.  There are voice assistants for websites, voice assistants for mobile, and voice assistants for smart devices. There is no company that cannot benefit from utilizing voice assistant technology. The issue is not deciding whether Voicify is right for your company. The issue is what aspects of your company can Voicify improve. That is what Voicify is here to help you figure out and implement.

Voice technology and the use of voice assistants continue to rise in the United States. Thanks to popular smart speakers like Alexa and Google Assistant, voice apps have been welcomed into our phones and our homes. After the 2017 holiday season, NPR published a survey revealing 1 in 6 Americans now owned a Smart Speaker. This was up 128% since January 2017.

A 2018 survey revealed that 71% of respondents stated they would rather use voice technology to search for something than traditional methods of online search. Early 2019 survey data showed voice is now the number two choice for mobile search, following the mobile browser.

By January 2019, the number of Americans who own a smart speaker increased to roughly 1 in 4 Americans, who now owned a smart speaker.

  • This year, 132 million people will use a digital voice assistant at least once a month in the United States.
  • By 2024, the number of digital voice assistants will reach 8.4 billion units – a number higher than the world’s population.

The industry has only continued to grow as consumers increasingly utilize this technology. Your customers will thank you for taking advantage of Voicify as your conversion experience platform.


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Voice App Trends

Voice assistants are great for any industry, from fashion to cars. Every aspect of your business can benefit from using voice apps and chatbots. Voicify is here to help you find which solution is a winner for you.

Collaborating with Voicify can benefit from expediting your current business affairs. Voicify can help you determine new areas of business or business models that will work by combining voice technology with your company’s existing resources and services.

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How Voicify Can Help 

The top barriers to developing voice-enabled apps for companies are convincing other areas of the organization and lack of time and investment. Companies also struggle with measuring the return of investment (ROI) of putting the time and resources into developing voice apps. Voicify can help with all of this.

Voicify offers solutions by need, by industry, and by integration. Voicify is experienced in providing solutions for call center & customer support, account management, marketing campaigns, employee engagement.

The account management solutions are popular for managing subscriptions, payments, tracking usage, customer support, and balance inquiry.

Utilizing Voicify’s call and customer support offers many benefits including:

  • Reduced call center volume & cost
  • Increased speed to resolution
  • Increased CSR efficiency & effectiveness

Voicify’s employee engagement software can help speed things up in the workplace. By allowing your employees to get answers quickly with voice commands, they can increase their productivity without putting in more work or hours.

Voicify solutions are also available by industry, including Financial Services, Government, Healthcare, Higher Education, Insurance, Manufacturing, Media & Entertainment, Retail & CPG, Travel and Hospitality.

Looking to integrate existing voice technologies like Google Pay or Salesforce? Voicify can help with that too.

Voicify can also customize solutions to work with your choice of interface and devices. Not sure where to start? Contact us and let’s talk!

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