Retail & CPG, Conversational Marketing and Voice Assistants

Conversational Marketing is right where you want to be: Everywhere.

The adoption of smart speakers and smart displays is quickly expanding from the living room and kitchen to the storefront and retail store. Retail has the opportunity to bridge the digital and physical experiences of their brand and product with customers.

The Voicify Conversation Experience Platform™ enables the delivery of device specific and contextually relevant information to the audience. Voicify analytics inform both the conversation experience as well as store experience managers as to what and how the content is being consumed and interacted on my the user. 


said an interaction with a voice assistant influenced a purchase decision in the past month

Retention may be first, but acquisition always follows.

Brand advocates are always interested in new product launches.  The Voicify Voice Experience Platform allows marketers to promote existing and new products through a voice campaign.  Consumers can easily engage with the brand through a customized voice experience.

It begins with awareness, continues with experience, and ends with trust. To lay the groundwork, consumers must first understand the capabilities and value proposition of voice devices and assistants.

Next, voice capabilities should continue to evolve to the point where they are accurate and successfully meet their consumer’s needs in a unique and satisfying way.

This seamless user experience will help to foster trust, reliability, transparency, validation, and control. Protect consumer privacy, don’t sell their data, and refrain from being “creepy.”

Price Waterhosue Cooper

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The opportunity is to go beyond the voice search that returns a single level of detail to a more informative, guided conversation. What is needed is a virtual shopping assistant that can walk a buyer through an entire purchase journey.

Dale Traxler

Contributing Editor, Practical eCommerce

What smart speaker owners would like to receive from brands

  • Information about deals, sales, & promotions 52% 52%
  • Personalized tips and info to make my life easier 48% 48%
  • Info about upcoming events or activities 42% 42%
  • Options to find business info (e.g. location, hours) 39% 39%
  • Access to customer service or support 38% 38%

Voice Assistants support ‘considered purchase’ activities

  • Make Product information available with modality appropriateness
  • Leverage call center scripts with Assistants
  • Enable omnichannel engagement through voice actions

Conversational Marketing Use Cases for Retail & Consumer Brands

The following use cases can be applied to voice assistants and chatbots alike, and can be used to activate conversational marketing for your brand quickly using Voicify.

  • Ask about the a product
  • Order / reorder a product
  • Check status on
  • Instructions for assembly/use
  • Recipes or DIY
  • Tutorials
  • Customer support
  • Order tracking
  • Custom ordering
  • Account look up
  • Connect with an agent
  • Where to find a product in store
  • Returns
  • Events
  • Spokespeople tips and tricks
  • Sales and promotions
  • Product Fittings
  • Subject Expertise knowledge base
  • Podcast distribution
  • Expert advice
  • How to…

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