Custom Modules with Voicify

While existing modules with Voicify are expansive and expanding further, there are use cases, user flows and variables which will be unique to your business. Voicify allows you to normalize a conversation flow into a module for your teams to use over and over again.

Why would brands need a custom module?


Efficiency of management and consistency of end user experience
Large organizations with multiple brands and brands with multiple teams may find efficiency in normalizing voice user experiences (VUX) for products, manuals, services or other components of their business. By establishing a single proprietary module for your brand exclusively you create scale of management as well as consistency of conversation. 

Generate Revenue

Leaders in new channels often monetize their position by offering their solution to the market at large. Voicify extended permissions to owned modules. In the near term this means you can transact payments offline for access to your modules and give permission to use them in our platform.

 Longer term, Voicify will enable our marketplace for transactions. You will be able to set your price and watch the revenue come in.

Sample Custom Voice ModuleUse Cases

Product Flow

Connect your PIM to a custom product module and enable conversational product

Multi-brand customer service

Simply add in the content and variables for your brand. Keeping it easy is what makes it work.

Cross Channel Enabled

Leverage Google Action Links and Alexa Quick links for each of your conversation items to move your customer from email or text to voice and conversation seamlessly.