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Conversations demand a higher level of understanding. The Voicify conversational AI platform makes it easy to build custom voice assistants with implicit and explicit personalization, to provide a natural and user-centric interaction.

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Give your team the power to deliver personalized custom voice assistants.

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Implicit Personalization

Voicify includes tons of out-of-the-box conditions for building rules-based conversation personalization. These include:


  • Using/Not Using Platform
  • User has/does not have Flag
  • Has/does not have Session Attribute
  • Using/Not Using Device
  • Using Device with Capability ‘x’
  • User is/not Account Linked
  • Is New/Returning User
  • Slot contains/doesn’t Value
  • User navigating/not from Content
  • User has/not hit content
  • Session has/doesn’t flag
  • User has/doesn’t attribute
  • Session has/doesn’t attribute

Explicit Personalization

Voicify can also connect to any system in your digital stack to establish custom user flags mapped to any API accessible field. Common explicit personalization elements include:

  • Contact information
  • Product purchases
  • Purchase date
  • Web channel login (behavior)
  • Mobile app login (behavior)
  • Lifetime Customer Value
  • Length of relationship
  • Last action with brand
  • And many more…
explicit personalization

Customer Spotlight

“We originally thought we would simply be using Alexa and Google’s native voices in our early iterations with voice assistants. Voicify’s media library and device optimization made it clear we could advance the sophistication of our voice apps quickly. Our fans thoroughly appreciate it. We know they do because they tell us.”

JAKE COOK, Marketing Executive
Leyton Orient Football Club


Understanding implicit voice personalization and conditions

Implicit personalization leverages information that’s sent by the device or read by the platform. Sometimes called contextual relevancy, implicit voice personalization allows you to determine the conversation through elements that don’t specifically identify a user but leverages their behavior and context. Here are a few examples!

New vs. Returning Users

With Voicify, your users will never have to endure the same welcome message over and over again. 

Leveraging all the information available in Voicify, you can easily offer alternatives such as a seasonal welcome, special offer, or even an explicitly personalized greeting informed by a customer’s purchase history.

new user personalization on voice app cms

Device Context

Some smart speakers have screens. Some devices can receive a text message. Because Voicify can deliver an optimized custom voice assistant to any device you want, there are sometimes opportunities to personalize the experience based on the device. We put a lot of thought and effort into making this easy to do. 

Content Context

Knowing what your users have and have not experienced is incredibly valuable. With Voicify, conversation designers can surface a user’s history with the custom voice assistant and leverage this data to inform what comes next.

content context to know what users have experienced on voice app cms

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Understanding explicit voice personalization and conditions

While implicit voice personalization is anonymous, explicit personalization is not. Custom voice assistants that allow authentication can leverage specific information to make the user’s experience more enjoyable and efficient.

Transactional Flags

Elevate the customer experience by leveraging Voicify’s webhook variable replacement to combine transactional flag lookups with dynamic responses, minimizing the need to manage the conversation over time.

personalization flags built to voice cms platform
flags to indicate personalization on voice app cms

Persona Flags

Personas are a powerful method to segment and engage customers to offer higher contextual relevancy more efficiently. The good news is many brands are familiar with and use this strategy, making persona-driven personalization even easier to execute in the voice channel.

Did / Did Not Purchase Flags

Without a doubt, a customer’s purchase history is a critical indicator of intent. Cart abandonment from another channel allows brands ways to offer the purchase moment again in a conversation, with little to no friction.

Brands who don’t engage with e-commerce or voice commerce can use this customer information, as well, by setting a purchase flag and connecting Voicify to their CRM or transactional history database, allowing the customer an engagement level well beyond an anonymous participant.

personalization flags linked to what users purhcase

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