Healthcare, Conversational Marketing and Voice Assistants

Audiences and patients are best served by solving problems, reducing friction and offering support. 

Healthcare is in a unique position to show mankind the art of the possible, leveraging voice to serve one another.  The use of our voices and sense of hearing are a huge part of communicating symptoms, understanding cause & effect, recovery and inquisitiveness – often when many of our other senses or mobility itself is affected.

This level of support happens when and where it is wanted by the patient or their caregiver.  It happens in the hospital room or doctors office, when the nurse isn’t standing next to the patient.  It happens in the car when families are driving their recovering loved back home.  It happens in bedrooms and bathrooms when a moment of realization occurs;  when asking a question is the most natural thing to do.  

Voice assistants are always there.  On the phone, smart speaker or display, the television, car or refrigerator – the conversation is waiting to happen.  Voicify is the enterprise conversation and voice experience platform that enables healthcare brands deliver their presence at the right time, place and using senses that are most used for communicating.

There is no doubt the history and legacy of healthcare and its adoption of technology will spill into voice technology.  That said, there are endless opportunities to take the complexity out of the conversation by leveraging and curating existing, approved digital experiences and supporting them with voice assistants.

This isn’t an all or nothing moment; voice is ideal for support and problem solving. And isn’t that what healthcare is all about?

Jason FIelds

Chief Strategy Officer, Voicify

The Elephant in the Room is HIPAA

No doubt about it, patient information is precious and private. We know it.  We respect it.  In fact, all of us at Voicify have been or will be patients again.

Voicify does not store PII.  We adhere to the standards of HIPAA but are not certified today..  We are on the road to HIPAA compliance and working with Amazon & Google to further integrate and validate HIPAA compliance with their assistants.

That said…

Feature and functions of voice apps don’t need to start with the use and integration of patient data.  One day it will.  And given the pace of adoption and market demand, that need and expectation will occur much faster than it did with web and native.

Do you need help with your voice app and chatbot?

The Healthcare Voice App Reader

Gain an understanding of how voice, voice apps and voice assistants are transforming healthcare.

Patients have Brand Affinity Just Like Customers

The Voicify Content Management System empowers healthcare providers with a non-technical way to organize voice experiences, deploy them to all platforms at once and manage them in real time.

Whether your intent is to deliver through smart speakers and displays common public information and tools like ‘Find a Doctor’ or FAQ’s about conditions and symptoms; or something more complex like patient feedback and physician check-ins, Voicify is here to support you.

Our content first approach and seamless platform deployment allows healthcare systems to be up and running quickly, while supporting integrations with third party and proprietary systems with our open API layer.

Voicify is passionate about supporting the healthcare industry.  The voice experience is changing and enhancing the patient experience and is promising to bring a new level of health awareness to mankind and we are thrilled to be a part of it.


of Americans say caregiving is “the new normal.”

(Merill Lynch)

Why wouldn’t healthcare providers support them through voice assistants and conversational interfaces?

Healthcare is at a tipping point with voice. [It] could be a leading vertical in voice apps.”

John Brownstein

Chief Innovation Officer, Boston Childrens Hospital

Conversational Marketing Use Cases for Healthcare Life Sciences

The following use cases can be applied to voice assistants and chatbots alike, and can be used to activate conversational marketing for your brand quickly using Voicify.

  • Wait time look ups
  • Remote waiting list sign up
  • Notifications to take medicine, leave for an appt based on traffic
  • Remote video check ins
  • Post release care support materials
  • Symptom look up
  • Find a doctor
  • Find a care center
  • Patient in room inquiries
  • Video calls with doctors
  • Video calls with family/friends
  • Caregiver note taking
  • Patient File access
  • Adherence
  • Condition Assessments
  • Clinical Trial Interactions
  • Symptom Research
  • Care Management
  • Medical Education
  • TV control
  • Nurse call
  • Video calls with family/friends
  • Caregiver note taking
  • Patient File access
  • Adherence
  • Condition Assessments
  • Clinical Trial Interactions
  • Symptom Research
  • Care Management
  • Medical Education
  • Wayfinding
  • Menu look up
  • Prescription Sample Requests
  • Pharma Rep Scheduling
  • Latest Reports and Briefings
  • Insurance Navigator
  • New Representative Training
  • Prescription Sample Requests
  • Meeting Scheduling
  • Latest Reports and Briefings
  • Log HCP Visits

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