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Voicify Analytics is the deepest conversational analytics available

Real-time insight into what consumers are using your voice app today and what they want it for tomorrow.

A competitive advantage you didn’t know you could have.

The Voicify Voice App Platform provides analytics on content, functionality, misses, searches, paths, and more. Unlike other platforms, Voicify believes this data is yours.

No Matter the Endpoint, Voicify is Tracking

Voicify offers the same robust analytics capability regardless of your chosen endpoint: commercial or branded voice assistant or chatbot.

Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Samsung Bixby all want to own your data. Voicify believes that conversational data is yours. Many of our customers are leveraging the Voicify Voice App Platform for the analytics insights we allow for, which is exponentially deeper and more meaningful than commercial assistants and is what you would expect for a custom assistant.

Connect Voicify to your Business Intelligence Platform

Because Voicify is built with APIs in its foundation, bringing data from Voicify to your own business intelligence platform is simple. Your true omni-channel view of your customers, prospects, employees – even your customer service – now includes voice.

voice app analytics platform
voicify analytics platform

Analytics Dashboard

With all the metrics you’ve come accustomed to across your digital tools, Voicify brings them to you in an elegant and easily navigable user interface. Drill into content, platforms, endpoints or keep it high level for trends and general analysis.

Misses and Failures

When users ask you for something you don’t have content for, we log it and aggregate it. These inquiries are powerful indicators of what your users want and help improve customer experience and customer interactions, which improves overall customer satisfaction. Whether you start with bespoke voice functionality or a wide array of features, users are going to tell you what they want. We capture it.

User Path Visualizations

Like user paths in web and other digital channels, the path your user took in conversation is insightful. The Voicify analytics software takes the turn by turn conversation for each user and aggregates it into a visual path that lets your teams see how people are traversing the conversational content.

Learn about all the current features of the Voicify Voice App Platform

Spend some time with Voicify leadership walking you through the major features of our recent 3.0 Release including Personalization & Modules.

Voice Metrics & Analytics Matter

Breakdown by End Points

Understand usage by Alexa, Google Assistant, Bixby, Facebook Messenger, Twitterbot, Slackbot, etc…

Breakdown by Device Type

Understand usage by Echo, Echo Show, Samsung TV, iOS app, Android app, Lenovo, Apple Watch, Refrigerator, etc…

User Analytics by %, Value & Delta

View user data by percentage, raw value, or difference

Histogram Visualizations

Get your data laid out in a way that is easy to understand and communicate to others.

How to get started in 'Voice'

Take a Listen!

What to consider when entering 'voice'

by Niel Thornburn & Jason Fields | Thornburn on LinkedIn

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Send it to an assistant? What is this?
The Voicify Voice App Platform supports the ability to move a person across channels. By using hyperlinks on visual-based channels you can start the conversation exactly where it should be. Try it out!