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Entertainment dominates throughout digital and voice needn’t be any different.

The entertainment industry benefits from a passionate relationship with their consumers.  Those who want to be entertained, from a passing curiosity to an affinity with a specific product, seek that information immediately and through the channel that is most comfortable and convenient. Using their voice is quickly becoming the first choice.

The fact is, entertainment is content – the oldest form of content.  With smart speakers and smart displays rapid ascension into homes across the globe, consumers are expecting to be able to simply converse with their brands.  The smart speaker and smart display experience that entertainment companies can create is limitless. 


of people who own an Amazon Echo or Google Home can’t imagine to going back to the days before they had a smart speaker

Voicify optimizes the management process, so the brand can be nimble

With Voicfy the experience owner/manager doesn’t need to undergo complicated deployment processes.  Voicify is connected to the major platform stores and automatically submits and deploys your voice app.  Once deployed Voicify maintains a connection to the application and your revisions are realized in real time or scheduled out per your business rules. With your content living or being referenced from the Voicify Conversation Experience Platform™, we are able to take the ‘content first’ approach to analytics as well.  We aggregate the data from each platform you deployed to and show it in context of the content, so you know what is working and what needs revision.  Want to incorporate the data into an external dashboard? No Problem. Want to drill down or filter the data by platform? We do that too.

Brands need to own the conversation about their products and services. Go ahead and ask a voice assistant about your brand. If you don’t like what you hear then you need to create a voice application to take control of the conversation.

Nick Laidlaw

CTO, Voicify

Customers choose their assistant.  Brands choose their Martech, Voicify brings it together.

Voicify enables a simple way to manage the content for these experiences.  The Voicify Conversation Experience Platform™ is able to store, as well as reference from any system of record, audio and video content to answer user questions. What this means for entertainment companies participating in the voice and smart speaker/display market is efficiency in planning, creating and modifying the voice driven experiences that consumers are demanding. With the expanding market of device types, manufacturers and operating systems Voicify offers additional efficiency on two key components the management experience: deployment and analytics.

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Conversational Marketing Use Cases for Media & Entertainment

The following use cases can be applied to voice assistants and chatbots alike, and can be used to activate conversational marketing for your brand quickly using Voicify.

  • Engage in daily interactions with a video game character
  • Obtain custom recommendations based on previous gameplay
  • Ask for digital items in real-time with simple voice commands
  • Ask about ratings for a movie or TV show
  • Search for and play music, podcasts and audiobooks
  • Play entertaining stories and music for children
  • Create interactive experiences like voting for a favorite character or earning rewards for answering trivia questions
  • Search for news by category and location
  • Ask for trending news from social media
  • Receive a summary from radio news

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By 2020, 30% of all search queries will be conducted without a screen


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