Voice Assistants and Conversational Marketing for Government

‘Surprise & Delight’ aren’t genrally government descriptors.  Until Now.

We all know government can move slow.  And often there is good reason for it.  But with Voicify, you don’t have to.

Voicify is a Conversation Content Management System, much like your teams are used to with web and mobile.  Much like your IT team has vetted before.  We did this on purpose.  We want you to be successful, move nimbly (or at least more nimbly than most) and be in a position to surprise and delight your audiences.


In 3 years & 26% today expect to replace the human interaction of customer support and call centers with a voice assistant - Capgemini

Voicify’s focus on content bodes well for government.  It reduces the number of day to day players.

We hope you will want to extend the Voicify Conversation Experience Platform™, and for that you might just need your development team.  But day to day, managing the conversation will left in the hands of content strategists and brand owners.  Decisions that get made in the room, get executed in the room.

[Voice] gives us a way to connect with citizens where they are. That’s the whole goal from my perspective as a council member. How do I connect with you as a citizen in the way you want to be engaged and on the [channel] you’re most comfortable with?

Luke Wallace

Forbes Council Member

Watch How Voicify Works

How much money would you save if you shifted 10% of your constituent inquiries to an assistant?

 A major component of governments function is to convey information to their constituency.  Twenty years ago that information was brought to the web.  Then to native mobile apps.  Often times begrudgingly.  And now, voice has arrived and is being adopted widely across the US and the world.  Providing information that is owned and curated by the government itself is a critical part of ensuring that the assistants don’t disappoint, or worse yet, misrepresent your organization and departments.


of smartphone owners have used voice assistants on their smart device

How many of your constituents have smart phones? 

Do you need help with your voice app and chatbot?

Conversational Marketing Use Cases for Government Organizations

The following use cases can be applied to voice assistants and chatbots alike, and can be used to activate conversational marketing for your brand quickly using Voicify.

  • Road conditions
  • Trash pick up schedule
  • Promoting local events
  • Improving access to government info
  • Account status look up
  • Info on government procedures, legal advises, laws and acts
  • Connecting various utilities
  • Emergency information
  • Recent updates
  • Coaching for various permits and licenses
  • Booking appointments
  • Migrate low level call center content
  • Wait time look ups
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Process status and support information
  • Visitor information
  • Tourist information
  • Procurement process information
  • New hire onboarding
  • Pay bills
  • Contact representatives
  • Track complaints
  • Local transportation schedules
  • Emergency notifications
  • Municipal statuses

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By 2020, 30% of all search queries will be conducted without a screen


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