Supported Voicify Integrations

Businesses have existing tools. So Voicify is integrating with leading technologies to make executing in voice easier.

The Voicify Voice App CMS Product team doesn’t like doing the same thing twice, so they created the ability to abstract your own functionality into modules so you can create a point solution that satisfies a challenge across the enterprise.

Integration Quick Links

Coveo | Sitecore | Episerver | Salesforce | Yext | Twilio | Alexa Pay | Google Pay | Bixby Pay

Coveo, an integration module to further personalize the user experience


Customer Experience Wins When Powerful Systems Work Together

Coveo customers are some of the most advanced customer experience and employee experience thinkers in the world. And true to the nature of digital, a new channel came along no one could have planned for: Voice.

Voicify + Coveo Delivers Your Brand to Conversational Channels Across the Board

Leverage Coveo machine learning in your conversational experience and exponentially expand it.

Don’t Stop With Customers

Employee engagement increases when your business data can converse. The Voicify / Coveo Integration makes this happen.


Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Begin or continue customer engagement leveraging SMC flows and conversion actions within the voice channel.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Extend your SCC capabilities to voice and transact business by voice.

Salesforce Service Cloud

By connecting Salesforce Service Cloud to Voicify, you provide a conversational interface to your team’s customer cases and tasks. Optionally offer customers the ability to create cases or tickets via voice.


The Connector

The Sitecore Connector for Voicify allows digital teams to create conversational experiences based on content managed in Sitecore. The connector also leverages Sitecore’s personalization engine for highly targeted content.

Leverage Media Assets

Connect the Sitecore Media Library to bring all your existing assets to bear.

Continue the Conversation

Ensure behavior data is captured to make the companion digital channel experiences richer.


The Knowledge of Yext and the Distribution of Voicify

Voicify is a natural extension for brands that are this aware of customer experience and data consistency. By using Voicify to deploy a voice and/or chat experience in concert with Yext, you can respect the system of record and build upon it for whichever use cases your business deems appropriate.

Voicify + Yext Immediately Brings Real-Time Business Information to Your Customer Conversation.

Voicify integrates with Yext to support the various types of content you would use in a conversation with your audiences.

Yext, a search AI software and an integration module on Voicify


Integrate Existing Channels and Campaigns

  • Send commerce links when users want to purchase online versus voice commerce
  • Link to forms easier filled out online
  • Connect the user with a CSR when appropriate
  • Deliver coupons and discount codes
  • Two-step validation for delicate transactions
  • Deliver private/sensitive data to a secondary channel

Real-Time Connectivity

Twilio and Voicify connect at an API level, meaning when the moment is right or needed in a conversation with your customer or prospect, they get the email, SMS, or phone call they need in real-time.

Episerver + Optimizely

Simplicity of Connection

  • Connect your Epi instance to Voicify
  • Input expected user utterances into Voicify
  • Configure responses to return content from Epi items
  • Mix in conversational content with your Epi items in responses

Leverage Existing Media

Connect the Episerver Media Library to bring all your existing assets to bear.

Keep the Conversation Going

Understanding what users are conversing about with your assistant makes web, mobile, and CSR’s more informed and relevant.

Voice Payment

Google Pay

Take the guesswork out of how to accept orders in Google Assistant. Voicify allows for Google Payments within a conversation.

Amazon Pay

Voicify allows for Amazon Pay transactions within conversations. Bonus: Amazon Pay takes a lower percentage than Channel shift has its benefits.

Bixby Pay

Allowing for Bixby Pay within conversations means you can accept transactions on billions of devices, immediately.