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Move from Laggard to Leader with Voicify

Your customers are the same customers using Uber, Amazon Prime and Google Maps.  They are trained to look to digital first, not as a supporting channel but as the main channel for research and support.

Voice Assistants are not a fad.  The adoption rate across age groups and ethnicities is staggering and consistent.  We are in the golden age of voice.

Like other digital channels there are two prongs to the content needed to support voice: brand and subject.  Voicify’s ability to let you run multiple voice apps allows you to capitalize on both, ensuring your Voice SEO and conversational marketing efforts ring true on all channels.

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There is no Harm in Starting Small

You know your customers and have data on what they want from you.  So start there.  If claim status is high on their list, make it available through Voicify.  Voicify integrates with virtually any third party platform through a thoughtfully designed API layer.  Perhaps policy or jargon explanation is the starting place.  No matter which moment of the customer experience you choose to support with voice, the Voicify Conversation Experience Manager will make it simpler and faster to execute.

Insurance industry leaders have lost much of their initial trepidation about InsurTech and now view it as a driver of positive change for their businesses.

CEO Report, 2019

Price Waterhouse Cooper

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Lighten the Load

Humans hear faster than reading.  We also speak 3 times faster than typing. So it shouldn’t be a surprise why voice is becoming the preferred way of communicating.

Insurance is a complex business.  And in today’s market of immediacy and ‘now’ consumption insurance is being challenged to be available, understandable and simple.  

Those demands are being created by adjacent industries, but is nonetheless the reality.  Leveraging Voicify to bring your content, products and processes to voice means customers are met where they are at; offering them speed, a comfortable interface and confidence they are working with the right business.


of customers expect businesses to tailor communications and services based on knowledge gained from previous interactions, and they want a friction-less experience – hassle-free, no waiting, and self-service where possible. 

Voice is part of the answer.

Do you need help with your voice app and chatbot?

Conversational Marketing Use Cases for Insurance

The following use cases can be applied to voice assistants and chatbots alike, and can be used to activate conversational marketing for your brand quickly using Voicify.

  • Get a quote
  • Start an application
  • Edit an application
  • Application status
  • Coverage explanation
  • Have an rep call me
  • Start a claim
  • Claim status
  • Change my coverage
  • Customer support
  • Pay bill
  • Bill status
  • Jargon glossary
  • How to sessions
  • Policy education
  • Risks education
  • Buying a home considerations
  • Buying a car considerations
  • Preparing for natural disasters
  • What to do when…
  • Augment call centers
  • Confirm account information

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By 2020, 30% of all search queries will be conducted without a screen


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