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Retail is evolving, and the lines with e-Commerce are blurring more and more. Leveraging voice assistants, both commercial and owned, are propelling retail experience into the future. Voicify is the enterprise solution built to bridge front-end and back-end systems, supporting the retail customer experience.

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Key Use Cases for Retail

In-Store Wayfinding

When customers are in your store, make it easy for them to locate the products they are looking for by simply asking for them. No more expensive in-store kiosks or wall wayfinding. Extend your floor staff infinitely with your voice assistant.

Product Info

Consumers get tired of searching and finding and reading again and again. Instead, let the consumer directly ask your brand, in or out of the store, about products they are interested in and start a conversation.

product filtering module part of voicify cms

Curbside Pick Up

Hands free never got so simple.

‘Assistant, tell the store I’m outside.’

Make it that easy.

Customer Spotlight

"Voicify is allowing our portfolio the opportunity to be both strategic and opportunistic in voice. Whether rolling out and expanding WISMO capabilities on the major assistants or bringing trending conversations to voice and our own voice assistant, Voicify makes it easy to execute."

Rachel Waldstein, Director, CRM & Retention
Wolverine Worldwide



With curbside pick up and rising eCommerce, products are experienced for the first time in the home without a retail or brand representative present. Integrate your brand into the unboxing moment by leveraging the presence of the voice assistant with Voicify.

module on voicify platform for the 'unboxing moment'

The ‘unboxing’ moment is Exciting, you don’t have to miss it

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Important Voicify Features for Retail

Integrate with a PIM and CRM

Voicify loves systems of record! So we built a simple webhook and integrations layer so you can pipe in all your variable data into a standard conversational structure. Voila with Voicify.

platform integration supported on voice cms platform

Simple Customization for your Business

Bringing your business into any channel needs to consider custom use cases. Voicify is built to create efficiency of customization to save time for IT and Marketing personnel alike.


Anonymous experiences can be good. Contextually relevant conversations and better and personalized conversations are the best. Voicify enables all three.

explicit personalization

Wolverine Worldwide & Merrell Hiking Shoes

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