Video: Voicify the Metaverse, virtual showroom edition

by | Jul 11, 2022 | Events, Insights, Voice technology

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Our latest video demonstrates how Voicify is used to deliver a highly integrated, enterprise-owned custom voice assistant for the Metaverse.

When Silicon Valley giants like Facebook and Google invest in the Metaverse, it grabs headlines. But these big bets on hardware and infrastructure are only the tip of the Meta-iceberg. Today, globally recognized consumer brands are investing billions in creating content and experiences for the customers with whom they engage virtually.

At Voicify, we’re building next-generation native integrations with 3d engines like Unity and Unreal. This effort allows us to continue to deliver on our promise of being the best, end-to-end solution for creating enterprise-owned, custom voice assistants delivered anywhere.

Voice is rapidly emerging as a game-changing connective technology for the much broader audience for virtualized commerce in the Metaverse. It makes navigating the Metaverse easier for customers while simultaneously allowing brands to connect virtual experiences to the real world.

The following video demonstrates an incredibly compelling use case we are working on for global auto manufacturers. In it, we show a virtual, direct-to-consumer showroom where users can interact with virtual cars naturally through a voice/conversational interface built with Voicify. This approach allows the customer to ask the car to show them options. This short video shows how a user could explore different colors and configuration options, but there is no limit in terms of applications.

The Voicify virtual showroom assistant isn’t just an elegant and effective method for eliminating clumsy, first-generation VR interaction models. It also shows how Voicify makes it easy to integrate with the car manufacturer’s database to locate and book a test drive and connect the experience to the real world through an additional integration that loops in the user’s mobile device.

The virtual showroom assistant in this demo video was created in a couple of hours by a Voicify conversation designer. However, using our incredibly user-friendly voice CMS, a full-featured version could be designed, built, and deployed by a business user in days, not weeks or years. And with our API-first architecture and library of native integrations, it’s also easy to connect with your organization’s data and third-party applications. We’d love to show you how.

If you’re interested in learning how custom voice assistants can make virtual commerce in the Metaverse a wildly better experience for the customers you serve, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d love to have a no-cost/no-commitment conversation about your custom voice assistant for the metaverse goals.

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