ICYMI: Volkswagen & Voicify at Voice Global 2022

by | Jun 22, 2022 | Events, Insights, Voice technology

Sanket Shinde, Voice AI Solutions Architect at CARIAD, a Volkswagen Group Company, and Alex Dunn, Voicify Chief Product Officer, take the main stage at Voice Global 2022 to talk about custom voice assistants. 

Since 2017, more than 100 million Americans have adopted smart speakers, but this represents a fraction of the opportunity for organizations hoping to reach their customers with a conversational interface. 

Deployable to billions of other devices and interfaces, custom voice assistants provide organizations with more flexibility and ownership of their voice/conversational experience. With that control, organizations can align their voice strategy with their business, brand, and customer experience strategy, making this emerging approach the future of conversational AI.

Volkswagen used Voicify to build a custom voice assistant for the We Connect ID App, used by owners and operators of their popular ID series electric vehicles. With it, users can query vehicle status with a convenient, mobile conversational voice interface that helps drivers find charging stations nearby, ask for the vehicle’s last parked location, and much more.

Last week Alex Dunn, Chief Product Officer at Voicify, shared the main stage at Voice Global 2022 with Sanket Shinde, Voice AI Solutions Architect at CARIAD, a Volkswagen Group Company. 

Sanket has been working in the voice space since 2017 and specializes in voice data analytics, machine learning, and software development. Before creating enterprise voice solutions for Volkswagen, Sanket worked with Deutsche Telekom, where he worked on the application of deep learning methodologies to natural language understanding.

In this session, entitled Inside Custom Assistants, Sanket and Alex shared their experience and insights on conversational AI, creating custom voice assistants, and the voice strategy at Volkswagen. In it, they talk about:

  • The conversational AI market
  • An Overview of the Voicify platform
  • Scenarios where custom voice assistants do and don’t make sense
  • Examples deployed in a web browser
  • Examples deployed in native mobile apps
  • Examples of conversational effects
  • Voicifying the ID Series Electric Vehicle We Connect ID App
  • The data strategy for voice at Volkswagen

This session will resonate with anyone considering a new or changing voice strategy. 

If you have questions about how a custom voice assistant could improve your customers’ experience, please feel welcome to contact us. We’d love to connect for a no-cost, no-commitment consultation to learn about the problems you’re trying to solve with conversational AI.

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