ICYMI: Crafting a Voice Strategy Webinar

by | Jul 20, 2022 | Events, Insights

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Voicify Chief Strategy Officer, Jason Fields, shares his process for creating a voice strategy and how three globally recognized brands planned and deployed their custom voice assistants.  

Today, a deeper level of voice maturity is emerging beyond the novelty of a presence in the smart speaker ecosystem or the cost-saving goals of call center deflection. Forward-thinking organizations, taking advantage of gained experience and improving technology, have begun extending their products and services with custom, owned voice assistants to create competitive advantages, increase loyalty, and drive additional revenue.    

However, it takes careful planning to create voice experiences that are both meaningful for customers and move the needle for the organizations that own them. The great news is thoughtful planning doesn’t necessarily equate to tons of work. At Voicify, we’re creating and sharing tools and processes to help organizations gain strong alignment around the path forward and create a winning voice strategy.  

Last week Jason Fields, Chief Strategy Officer at Voicify, presented Crafting a Voice Strategy – How 3 Global Brands Created Their Custom Voice Assistants. In this virtual event, promoted and hosted by Bret Kinsella and the team over at Voicebot.AI, Jason unpacked how to create a voice strategy to help your organization reach the next level of voice maturity. Jason also provides a detailed walkthrough and additional context around the incredibly popular strategy workshop toolkit he created and published earlier this summer.  

Finally, and perhaps most impactfully, Jason shared three stories about how Volkswagen, Wolverine, and Audacy are moving the needle with Voicify and how they thought about voice strategy and planning going into their custom voice assistants projects.

This video is a complete recording of Crafting a Voice Strategy – How 3 Global Brands Created Their Custom Voice Assistants. It includes:

  1. Trends shaping how enterprise organizations approach conversational AI.  
  2. How to create a voice strategy with maximum impact and efficiency. 
  3. How Volkswagen, Wolverine, and Audacy created their custom voice assistants.
  4. Open discussion.

If you’re interested in learning more about voice strategy, we’d love to connect.  And, if you’d like to know more about the tool Jason talked about in this video, use the link below to download a copy of the handbook and associated tools.

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