Higher Education Voice App and Chatbot Solutions with Voicify

Whether you need to focus on Alumni engagement or student support, Voicify can ensure the conversation is always available.

Key Educational Use Cases with Voicify

On Campus Support

Directions, dining hall menus, events, schedules, and alerts are all at your disposal to deliver via the voice assistants in every student’s pockets and homes.

Alumni Engagement and Donations

Transform your Alumni Campaigns into a conversation by putting the content they want and the ability to donate in your voice assistant.

Study Guides and Lecture Access

Supporting students is the primary goal. Creating tools to enable their success can be extended to voice assistants and empower learning.

Engaging Alumni and Supporting Students Made Easy

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Privacy & Security

Fully encrypted with no PII storage, Voicify makes sure you are protected as well as your customers.

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Understanding how your audience engages with you conversationally is the baseline, and Voicify delivers and then some. Access analytics in our UI or pipe them into your own analytics aggregator.

Personalization & Conditions

Just like your gated web, native mobile, and in-person experiences, voice is expected to be contextually aware. Voicify’s implicit and explicit personalization allows you to think big and start small. Or start big. Your call.

explicit personalization

Understanding the concepts and activations with Voice

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Using Voice Technology

by Jennifer Ayres, Lisa Insley & Jason Fields | Survive & Thrive Podcast