We take security and privacy as seriously as your customers.

Voicify is GDPR Compliant, ISO27001, and TISAX Certified. And we don’t store any user data.

A Modern CMS For Voice With Security Guiding the Way

Security is foremost on our minds in the Voicify platform. The platform is built with the most modern techniques and practices to keep our customers secure as well as their users.

Encryption with Voicify

All data stored in Voicify is encrypted at rest. Including images, content, analytics data, and more. All requests to and from Voicify are encrypted at rest and enforced for any 3rd party webhooks.

data security is encrypted on voicify platform
voice cms platform security end user pii

PII and Voicify

Voicify does not track any end-user PII. All analytics data is anonymized and groomed before storing. If your apps require PII for integrations to function, it is merely passed through Voicify.

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Data Extraction

All your content can be exported and removed automatically, including your end-user data. Any integration that accesses your app is managed by you.

data extraction from platform with ease
security API keys to access voicify API

API Key Management

Create and manage API keys to access the Voicify APIs more easily. Keys can be given expiration dates and are encrypted within Voicify. You can only view it once when you create it.

Alex Dunn, Chief Product Officer of Voicify

From the Head of Product

Though voice is a new and emerging space, at Voicify our team is made of tenured professionals. Privacy, PII, and Security isn’t an afterthought for us; it is where the conversation begins. After all, we are consumers and users of the technology too. When you consider your data and that of your family and friends, security isn’t a check box; it’s a cornerstone.

Alex Dunn, Chief Product Officer

The voice space is new, but at Voicify security is old hat

Voicify takes security and privacy very seriously as part of the product and development lifecycle. When considering security and privacy in a cross-platform SaaS product, there are some key areas of focus:

    • Encryption at rest
    • Encryption in transit
    • Permission and access management
    • PII
    • Data scrubbing

All requests that impact content in the platform must come from an authorized user. On top of being an authorized user, there are permission gates to prevent a user from requesting data from another organization or application that they are not allowed to manage. The users that can edit content are managed by the organization admins once an account is created.

The nature of voice assistants is to restrict access to PII without explicitly having the end-user opt-in to allowing access or by signing in with account linking. Voicify enables access to permission APIs and account linking via custom integrations to ensure that Voicify does not interact with the end-users personal information. Instead, Voicify merely acts as a broker to your users’ information and facilitates how you can access it and request it from the user. PII is never tracked, logged, stored, or maintained in the Voicify platform.

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Spend some time with Voicify leadership walking you through the major features of our recent 3.0 release including personalization & modules.