The Voicify Conversational AI Platform

Supporting thousands of voice assistants deployed across Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Samsung Bixby and custom, enterprise-owned end points.

Voicify 3.0 Key Features

New App Listing Dashboard

A brand new user interface allows for search and filtering to better manage your apps views.

Implicit Personalization

Pre-existing conditions within Voicify to execute implicit personalization include:

  • Using/Not Using Platform
  • User has/does not have Flag
  • Has/does not have Session Attribute
  • Using/Not Using Device
  • Using Device with Capability ‘x’
  • User is/not Account Linked
  • Is New/Returning User
  • Slot contains/doesn’t Value
  • User navigating/not from Content
  • User has/not hit content
  • Session has/doesn’t flag
  • User has/doesn’t attribute
  • Session has/doesn’t attribute

The Marketplace

The marketplace allows you to activate templates and integrations to your apps. You can also supply your own template or app to the community.

App Archiving

Keep your apps organized with the ability to archive apps which may have a future purpose but which aren’t currently active.

Enhanced Webhooks

Chain response resolver webhooks together to combine the features of multiple integrations in one conversation turn. Manage new parameter types to get the most out of webhook functionality. Webhooks are now tied to your individual apps and can be organized in folders.

Explicit Personalization

Establish custom user flags mapped to any API accessible field within your digital stack. Common personalization elements include:

  • product purchases
  • purchase date
  • web channel login (behavior)
  • mobile app login (behavior)
  • LCV
  • length of relationship
  • last action with brand
  • many more…

Voice UX Flow SPARK Templates

There are common, powerful conversation flows and subjects that transcend industry or brand: where is my order, link my account, have customer service call me, text me a link to name a few.

Voicify has and continues to build the library of common VUX Flows as SPARK Templates for our customers to use as is or as a basis for their own needs.

API Key Management

Create and manage API keys to access the Voicify APIs more easily. Keys can be given expiration dates and are encrypted within Voicify. You can only view it once when you create it.

Alexa Integration Enhancements

Voicify supports new Alexa functionality like:

  • Full package deployment
  • Pre-built Task Support
  • Deep Link Alexa Quick Links


Integrations and templates are now part of the Frameworks marketplace. That means you can manage your integrations after using it, change values, get updates and new versions, and share your integrations with other Voicify users.


Automated Onboarding

An in platform tutorial process to help customers familiarize themselves with the user interface and common tasks.

Rolling 3.x Features

Conversation Transfer

Let your users move between multiple apps in one session on whatever platform your apps are deployed to. Create aggregator and directory apps that help users find their way to your features more easily.

App Environment Management

Create content that you can test first before shipping as an update to your production app. Share test versions of your app with select users before adding those features for everyone to use.

First Party SPARK Templates additions

Building on round one of our VUX Flow to SPARK Templates we will continue to add our own first party templates as well as accept 3rd party templates to the Marketplace.

SDK Expansion

In our ongoing effort to make Voicify simple to connect to any 3rd party system we will be issuing SDKs for Java and Python in an upcoming point release.

Actions Builder Support

Deploy your Voicify apps to the new Google Actions Builder. This means you can create Google Actions without needing to create a Dialogflow agent first. Voicify will continue to support deploying your apps to Dialogflow separately from Google Actions.

Interaction Functionality

Base Features

Cancel Control

Ability to cancel current function, return to previous conversation element

Stop Control

Stop the current conversation in place

Media Controls

Control all media delivered within a conversational UI.

Image Support

Upload or reference images for background and foreground use. Optimized per device by Voicify.

Audio Support

Voicify supports short form, long form and sonic branding snippet audio for use across the conversation.

Video Support

Upload or reference video files for conversational responses. Optimized per device by Voicify.

Welcome Message

Create and manage any number of welcome messages for random experiences or toggle on and off for specific days, seasons, events, campaigns or launches.

Exit Messages

Create and manage any number of exit messages for random experiences or toggle on and off for specific days, seasons, events, campaigns or launches.

Help Messages

Create and manage a variety of help messages to assist your audiences based on subject or challenge.

Multi-turn Conversations

Targeted Responses

Request and force a response from the user to move through a process, form or questionaire such as yes/no, number range or other specific values.

Contextual Fallback

Offer specific fallback messages for the conversation item the user is in.

Contextual Help

Offer support unique to the conversation item and subject being conversed on, available specifically when needed.

Suggest More Content

Don’t simply answer a question, guide the user to a natural next topic.

On-screen Hints

Offer visual, touchable hints on devices with screen support

Targeted Responses

Manage specific and expected responses for specific flows and handle what to do when the user deviates.

Requires Context Control

Make certain portions of a conversation only available when a correct path is taken.

Templatize a Voice App

Take an existing voice app and generate templates from the content and functionality.

Template Generated Content

Use templates to generate content within any app

Variable Replacement

Add variables to responses, inputs, media, webhooks, and more

Multidirectional Syncing

Sync updates from template apps to any app using the template

Official Starter Templates

first party templates built and managed by Voicify

Contextual Instruction Control

Provide documentation contextually within the template form for content teams to understand the intention of the fields

  • Markdown editor
  •  Template level docs
  •  Page level docs
  • Field level docs

Template Combinations

Construct apps by leveraging multiple templates

Native Voicify Controls

Continue customizing your generated app content using the full power of the Voicify CMS

Third Party Templates

Templates built by users of Voicify

Form Driven Variable Control

Create a simplified forms to handle the variables in your template app

  • Pages to group fields
  • Simple Text Fields
  • Long Text Fields
  • SSML Editor Fields
  • Radio Groups
  • Dropdown Fields
  • Date Fields
  • Number Fields


Scalable Templates

Create templates for anything from simple conversation flows to entire integrated apps

User Management Functionality

Role Based Security

Differentiate between members of the team and the access they have to the conversational components.

Profile Management

Typical profile management elements for individual members and users.

Organization Switcher

One user can be a member of ‘n’ number of organizations allowing them to toggle between apps, organizations and nested voice apps.

Invite User and User Management

Bring in new members for content admin and testing as well as manage the team.

CMS Single Sign On

Leverage exsiting enterprise authentication for your admins and editors.

Settings & Configurations

Multi-lingual CMS UI

Manage your voice apps through Voicify in a variety of user interface languages.

Multi-lingual Support

Combine nearly any language and country together to create and manage voice apps specific to a region or voice marketplace.

Auto Deployment

Connect your companies account with Google, Amazon and Bixby, and Voicify builds, deploys and is constantly connected moving forward.

Webhook API support

Leverage our open API and Webhook layer to tie third party data as variables across Voicify and at any layer of the conversation needed.

Fulfillment Endpoints

Beyond major voice assistants and chatbots you can deploy the conversational model generated by Voicify to nearly any endpoint you want.

Multi Voice App Management

You can create, deploy and manage any number of apps you may need, their content, deployment, endpoints and analytics.


Voicify generates, delivers and manages common best practice and metadata for each platform.

Application Data Management

Full control over common app fields and data including: application name, invocation name, description (short and long) and keywords.

Integration Management

Control event web hooks for your activation and analytics including: item saved, deleted, member added, request received, content hit and content miss.

Connected Integrations

Google Pay

Connect your Google Pay account to your Voicify managed Action and enjoy voice commerce.

Amazon Pay

Connect your Amazon Pay account to your Voicify managed Skill and enjoy voice commerce.

Samsung Pay*

Connect your Samsung Pay account to your Voicify managed Bixby Capsule and enjoy voice commerce.


Leverage customer and product data in Salesforce to drive personalized and dynamic conversations. 


Connect one or all of your Coveo indexes and AI to automate conversational resposnes to any endpoint.


Connect your Yext account and create a voice app deployed to all voice assistants quickly.


Connect Voicify and Sitecore to leverage digital assets stored in Sitecore as components of conversational responses across all end points.


Connect Voicify and Episerver to leverage digital assets stored in Episerver as components of conversational responses across all end points.


Connect Twilio to deliver reference and support material to the conversation via SMS and email or transfer the user to a human via phone.


Connect your Shopify instance to Voicify to automate Voice Commerce

Articles Feed

Leverage a structured XML feed of text and image based content to dynamically create conversations.

Media RSS Feed

Leverage a structured XML feed of video content to dynamically create conversations.

Podcast Feed

Leverage a structured XML feed of audio/podcast content to dynamically create conversations.


Leverage a live feed of audio or video content as a broadcast element within Voicify.

Remote Content Fulfillment

Generate webhooks to extract variable content elements into conversational items in Voicify.

Experience Management

Extensible & Modifiable Structure

Voicify has no mandated organizational structure. Mix and match conversational items (Q&A, Events, Polls, Latest News etc…) per folder. Move, import, export and nest as your business requires.

Audio Preview

Listen to how your content will be experienced, by device or in general, including recordings, sonic elements and SSML within Voicify.

Chatbot Preview

Experience the content has a chatbot agent within the Voicify system and simulator.

Smart Display Preview

Receive a preview of how your content will be experienced on a smart display and drill down further by selecting specific devices and create overrides as needed.

Device Optimization

Store or connect all possible content with Voicify and Voicify will optimize the right content mix depending on the modalities a requesting device is capable of assembling.

Device Customization

While Voicify optimizes your content by device dynamically, you also have the ability to create a custom conversation instance per unique device, allowing you to optimize for a known audience segment.

Visual SSML Editor

Apply Speech Syntax Markup Language to text to speech readouts in a visual way. This method allows editors to quickly move through SSML management without constant aural validation.

Media Library

Maintain an inventory of all media items and connect them as needed across the experience while retaining a single copy of it.

Conversational Simulator

Leverage the Voicify Simulator to hear and visualize the conversation by modality and by device segment to ensure your preferred experience is being rendered.

Import/Export (JSON)

With the click of a button import or export conversational structure, content and media references within an app or across disparate apps, even to a custom application.

Notification Center

Stay on top of all Voicify updates and track support tickets within Voicify in the native notification center.

Device Profile Permissions

Leverage built-in support to request device permission for email address, physical address and/or phone number for contextual conversations.

Flash Briefing

In addition to the larger conversational experience, identify a portion of the application to be used as a Flash Briefing on Amazon Alexa.

Alexa Presentation Language Support

The ability to incorporate custom Alexa Presentation Language code into conversation item responses.


Anonymous Metrics

Track the history of requests against anonymous user data. User data is safe, and your data is useful.

Misses & Failures

Get the details of what people are saying to your app that you don’t have the answers for.

Integrate Your Analytics

Send request data that Voicify uses to track requests to your existing analytics engines to track usage how you want to

Performance Metrics

Understand how users are interacting with your apps and content.

API Driven

Create custom queries and export analytics data from your other systems

Breakdown by End Points

Understand usage by Alexa, Google Assistant, Bixby, Facebook Messenger, Twitterbot, Slackbot etc…

Breakdown by Device Type

Understand usage by Echo, Echo Show, Samsung TV, iOS app, Android app, Lenovo, Apple Watch, Refrigerator etc…

Breakdown by Device Capability

Understand usage by capability of speaker, screen, appliance etc…

Breakdown by Language

Understand usage by language of the user

Breakdown by Device Type

Understand usage by Echo, Echo Show, Samsung TV, iOS app, Android app, Lenovo, Apple Watch, Refrigerator etc…

Breakdown by Device Capability

Understand usage by capability of speaker, screen, appliance etc…

Breakdown by Interaction Type

Understand usage by the nature of the interaction; Q&A, Recipe, integration etc…

Breakdown by Device Type

Understand usage by Echo, Echo Show, Samsung TV, iOS app, Android app, Lenovo, Apple Watch, Refrigerator etc…

Time Filtered Delta

Apply the time filter to nearly all other metrics and compare two time periods

Returning v new users

See the difference between first time and returning visitors

User Segment

Drill down into a variety of user segments defined

Histogram Visualizations

Obtain data in a visual format in addition to tabular layouts

User Analytics by %, Value & Delta

View user data by percentage, raw value or difference

Sessions by %, Value & Delta

View usage sessions by percentage, raw value or difference

Interactions by %, Value & Delta

View conversational interactions by percentage, raw value or difference

Misses by %, Value & Delta

View conversational misses by percentage, raw value or difference



SDK for TypeScript and JavaScript for node devs to build webhooks and integrations with Voicify


SDK for .NET devs to interact with the Voicify Assistant API


The Voicify Core Models SDK


SDK for TypeScript and JavaScript to integrate with the Voicify CMS API


SDK for .NET devs to build webhooks and integrations in Voicify


SDK for node developers to integrate with the Voicify Assistant API


SDK for .NET devs to interact with the Voicify CMS API



All data stored in Voicify is encrypted at-rest. Including images, content, analytics data, and more. All requests to and from Voicify are encrypted at rest and are enforced for any 3rd party webhooks as well.


Voicify does not track any end-user PII. All analytics data is anonymized and groomed before storing. If your apps require PII for integrations to function, it is merely passed through Voicify.

Data Extraction

All your content can be exported and removed automatically. This includes your end-user data. Any integration that access your app are also managed by you.

*indicates a feature in development