Financial Services Voice App and Chatbot Solutions with Voicify

Voicify takes the complexity out of building a custom voice app and chatbot for your financial business. Whether you choose to deploy it to the commercial voice assistants of Alexa and Google Assistant or embed it on your website, native app, or other hardware devices, Voicify provides scale and efficiency for your teams.

FInserv and Voice Apps - by Voicify

The FinServe Voice App Reader

General information on how financial services and banking are entering voice, coupled with statistics and use cases.

Key FinServe Use Cases with Voicify

Call Center Deflection

Human-to-human contact in FinServe and banking is an absolute necessity at times. But when your customer’s inquiry is simply data or a transaction – why not enable it through an ‘always on’ CSR called Alexa, Google Assistant, or your own?

Voice Transactions

The days of tap and swipe to move money or make a payment are over. Voicify knows these functions are your cornerstone, so we built a layer to elegantly allow you to enable them through voice.

‘Always On’ Advising

When customers want answers, they don’t always have the patience to wait. With Account Linking enabled by Voicify, you allow your customers to have your intelligence beside them everywhere they go.

Voice with FinServe is a Whole Thing

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Important Voicify Features for FinServe

Privacy & Security

Fully encrypted with no PII storage, Voicify makes sure you are protected as well as your customers.

platform security

A Conversation about Banking, Finance at the Intersection of Voice & Chat

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AI in Banking & Finance

by Keri Roberts & Jason Fields (CSO, Voicify) | Readspeaker Podcast

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Send it to an assistant? What is this?
The Voicify Voice App Platform supports the ability to move a person across channels. By using hyperlinks on visual-based channels you can start the conversation exactly where it should be. Try it out!

Custom Voice Assistant as User Endpoint with Voicify CMS

Simple Customization for your Business

Financial Services companies are running a complex array of tools and systems. Voicify is 100% API-driven to ensure that Voicify slots into your stack seamlessly to offer day one scalability and ease of use.

Telling your voice assistant to pay your bills is as easy as it gets

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Personalization & Conditions

Just like your gated web, native mobile, and in-person experiences, voice is expected to be contextually aware. Voicify’s implicit and explicit personalization allows you to think big and start small. Or start big. Your call.

explicit personalization