Voicify 3.7 is live with new features and enhancements

by | Apr 14, 2022 | Voicify News

voicify v3.7 release

The team is constantly working to improve the Voicify conversational AI platform, and our latest release Voicify 3.7 went live this week. We wanted to share a few highlights, but, as always, authenticated Voicify users can access more details in the knowledge center.  

Voicify 3.7 includes quality of life enhancements to existing features and some exciting new functionality that further supports our claim to being the world’s best and only end-to-end solution for delivering custom voice assistants. For instance, with this release, extending your existing website or mobile app with a custom voice assistant is as easy as copying and pasting a code snippet.  

Deploy custom voice assistants into websites and mobile apps 

Extending a digital product or service with a voice user interface has never been easier. Voicify v3.7 shipped with early access to react-native and browser software developer kits. Now integrating custom voice assistants with a website, mobile app, or even custom hardware is as simple as copying and pasting a code snippet.  

Voicify software developer kits also make it incredibly simple to customize the embedded custom voice assistant with many configurable options. With this flexibility, the custom voice assistant becomes a brand-aligned layer in the experience customers have with the website or application.  

If you’ve got more questions about the new integration software developer kits or general questions about custom voice assistants, please don’t hesitate to contact us or download our recent trend report: Inside Custom Voice Assistants. 

Introducing Voicify Effects 

We believe custom voice assistants will revolutionize the voice market because they open up an entirely new yet utterly familiar dimension for engaging with digital products and services that transcends form factor or modality.    

In essence, Voicify effects enable the conversation designer to designate actions to trigger across the integration based on things happening in the conversation layer.  

With the launch of our latest integration SDKs, it’s possible to leverage Voicify effects in a custom voice assistant embedded in a website or mobile app. This powerful feature allows users to interact with the systems Voicify integrates with in a natural, conversational manner. 

Import content with less hassle 

Before Voicify 3.7, when a user created a backup, archive, or export and then imported the generated file into Voicify, each conversation item would default to “No Access,” requiring the conversation designer to update them manually. We designed it like this when we first introduced the import feature so users could confidently import large amounts of content without negatively affecting the end-user experience on a live assistant. 

Since the version 3.3 release, which included changes to how Voicify handles publishing and draft content, there are new ways of controlling what the user experiences. Because of those changes, we updated the import process to set Conversation Access to the same value as when the item was exported or backed up. This quality of life enhancement makes the import process much easier and more efficient, particularly for accounts with multiple or large custom voice assistants.  

Make secure API requests with Assistant API Tokens. 

We’re working on many new features that make building, deploying, and managing custom voice assistants easier than ever. In support of this goal, we’re rolling out more API endpoints to access all these new features, including natural language processing and automatic speech recognition. 

To ensure security across sessions when accessing a custom assistant via API, we needed a way to confidently create requests across these APIs from any application and track them across the same user and session. In Voicify 3.7, it’s possible to generate a token for a given application and user session with a new Voicify Assistant API endpoint. 

What’s next? 

Voicify is growing fast, and we have a ton of cool new features in development for release in the coming weeks and months. Here are just a few of the most exciting roadmap items: 

  • New: Voicify automatic speech recognition 
  • New: Voicify natural language processing 
  • Additional mobile app SDKs, including Native iOS & Android. 
  • Automated deployment configuration for the web and mobile 
  • New conversational behavior management in the CMS 

Let’s connect! 

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