Voice App and Chatbot Solutions with Voicify

Brands in the travel industry have unique challenges. Most notably is the context of how customers engage: mobile, urgently, and emotionally.

Commercial Voice Assistants (Google Assistant / Alexa) and customer assistants (SMS/Chatbot/native apps) are positioned to significantly reduce friction for travelers by leveraging whatever device they find convenient.

Voicify solves access, data, modality, and varied device challenges of voice assistants critical to the travel space.

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Key Travel Use Cases with Voicify

Travel Status

Whether it’s planes, trains or automobiles, or anything else (space travel now?), let your travelers find details about their itineraries. Bonus: let them change them too, or pass them off to a CSR.

Concierge Services

White glove experience isn’t just for luxury brands. With Voicify, it is at every brand’s fingertips. Voice Assistants don’t remove the human touch; they enhance it, so customers are just a question away from your brand at any moment.

Extend Loyalty Programs

Your best customers deserve extra attention and the best tools. That is why travel has entire programs established. These programs can be easily Voicify’d to bring ease of use and immediate access to their journeys. All while offering data insights to the travel company.

Expert Spotlight

“Over time, smart speakers will be less about the device and more about the technology that allows consumers to talk to any device. Travel providers — like most consumer-facing companies — need to start thinking about crafting content that reflects that reality. “

Harvard Business Review 

Important Voicify Features for the Travel Industry

Account Linking Module

Voicify loves systems of record! So we built a simple webhook and integrations layer so you can pipe in all your variable data into a standard conversational structure. Voila with Voicify.

Account linking module on voicify cms platform
platform integration supported on voice cms platform

Simple Customization for your Business

Bringing your business into any channel needs to consider custom use cases. Voicify is built to create efficiency of customization to save time for IT and Marketing personnel alike.


Understanding how your audience engages with you conversationally is the baseline, and Voicify delivers and then some. Access analytics in our UI or pipe them into your own analytics aggregator.


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