The Voicify CMS for voice and chat, in the cloud

When users can have a conversation anytime, anywhere, the system managing it needs to be available anytime, anywhere.

Every layer of the Voicify Voice App CMS and Conversation Experience Platform is in the cloud, removing the need for your team to manage installations and ensuring connectivity and accessibility with 99.9% uptime.

A Voice CMS that fits your business, so your business doesn’t have to fit the Voice CMS

The Voicify Voice App Platform comes from over 100 years of experience with digital platforms spanning industry, business unit, and use case. It’s built to be both flexible and efficient. Voicify provides massive efficiency for both marketers and IT professionals alike.

App Environment Management

Create content that you can test first before shipping as an update to your production app. Share test versions of your app with select users before adding those features for everyone to use.

Enhanced Webhooks

Chain variables together to combine the features of multiple integrations in one conversation turn. Additionally, create webhooks to trigger behavior from Voicify to other systems to better enhance data and CX across the board.

How are The Philadelphia Eagles Leveraging Voice?

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Send it to an assistant? What is this?
The Voicify Voice App Platform supports the ability to move a person across channels. By using hyperlinks on visual based channels you can start the conversation exactly where it should be. Try it out!

Implicit Personalization

Pre-existing conditions within Voicify execute implicit personalization to allow admins to establish contextual relevancy using only system data from the user and their device.

Explicit Personalization

Leverage your own CRM, CDP, PIM, or any other back-of-house system to inform where the conversation needs to go. Utilizing our explicit flag capability ensures your content works harder and the business gleans more data.

Media Management for Multimodal Experiences

While voice is largely verbal and aural, devices are allowing for multimodality that elevates the voice experience. We make sure that the experience is optimized and ready to go.

Customer Spotlight

"Entering new channels is not only complex from a creation standpoint but even more so on the management and deployment levels. Voicify has become an integral part of our brand experience management infrastructure, ensuring our team can act nimbly with the market and brand's needs. Their user interface creates efficiency for our managers and expands the possibilities for our strategists to play with."

Tanmay Patel, Marketing IT Director
Philadelphia Eagles

All the functionality you’d expect and more than you’d think to ask for.

Fulfillment Endpoints

Beyond major voice assistants and chatbots, you can deploy the conversational model generated by Voicify to nearly any endpoint you want.

Auto Deployment

Connect your companies account with Google, Alexa Azure and LUIS to bring the conversation immediately. Voicify builds, deploys, and is constantly connected moving forward.

Multi-lingual Support

Combine nearly any language and country to create and manage voice apps specific to a region or voice marketplace.

Application Data Management

Full control over all apps within your organization and all fucntionality shared or bespoke.

Spinning Up a Voice App is Just This Easy

Think setting up a voice app is hard? Watch it happen in about a minute.