Voicify Media Management optimizes the experience by device and context, automatically

✅     Voice assistants on TVs 

✅.    Voice assistants on headphones

✅.    Voice assistants on mobiles

✅.    Chatbots on SMS

✅     Single Media Library to serve all the devices 

The Voicify CMS media library can be populated manually or by integrating it with another CMS or DAM, ensuring that your voice assistants are optimized to the device and context of the user every time without creating extra work.

Provide an authentic brand experience with custom-voiced assistants

Sonic Branding

Branded, custom voice assistants can benefit from incorporating owned sounds, familiar audio snippets, and contextual accents. Like any good experience management system, the Voicify conversational AI platform keeps them organized so you can find them at a moment’s notice.

Custom Voices

Whether your load conversation elements as recorded voiceovers or utilize a synthetic voice, the Voicify conversational AI platform has you covered with an easy to navigate media library.

Learn about all the current features of the Voicify Conversational AI Platform

Spend some time with Voicify leadership walking you through the major features of our recent 3.0 release including personalization & modules.

The days of voice being only voice are long gone. Multimodality is the future.

Optimizing the conversation for contextual readiness is critical. Billions of devices (yes BILLIONS) are embedded with voice assistants like Google Assistant and Alexa. Your own custom voice assistant can be embedded in browsers, native mobile apps, and even other hardware. Voicify was built for the future of voice assistants – and voice assistance.

Background Images

A voice assistant embedded on a screen-based device like a smart speaker, television, or refrigerator provides the opportunity for more information, better retention, and higher engagement. Background images provide context and affirmation of the message or even supporting content.

Foreground Images

Ensure your brand is front and center when and where it should be throughout the conversation. Highlight product specs, visualizations, or anything else important to conveying meaning.

Layouts Galore

Presentation becomes critical on screen-based voice assistant devices. No matter what the dimensions and capabilities of the user’s device, Voicify has a layout for it.

Video? Audio? Images? Hints? Check, check, check, check.

Choose a standard across the experience or bespoke layouts turn by turn. It’s up to you.

Customer Spotlight

“We originally thought we would simply be using Alexa and Google’s native voices in our early iterations with voice assistants. Voicify’s media library and device optimization made it clear we could advance the sophistication of our voice apps quickly. Our fans thoroughly appreciate it. We know they do because they tell us.”

JAKE COOK, Marketing Executive
Leyton Orient Football Club