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Voice App and Chatbot Solutions with Voicify

Whether through commercial endpoints like Alexa and Google Assistant, or custom voice and chatbots that are brand-owned, Voicify simplifies the creation, deployment, and management of those voice apps.

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Key CPG Use Cases with Voicify

product filtering module part of voicify cms

Order a Product

Streamlining the process of buying your product through a conversation is as streamlined as you can get. Your voice assistant is always ready to accept the order no matter when asked or what triggered the interest.

Product Instructions & Troubleshooting

Extend your knowledge center content to a voice and chat interface quickly with Voicify. By enabling product instructions and troubleshooting through a voice assistant, you grow the channels that support your customers.

Dale Traxler, Senior Director of Alliances and Channels at Coveo

Expert Perspective

"The opportunity is to go beyond the voice search that returns a single level of detail to a more informative, guided conversation. What is needed is a virtual shopping assistant that can walk a buyer through an entire purchase journey."

Dale Traxler, Contributing Editor
Practical eCommerce


eCommerce is no longer emerging. It’s here to stay. Products are experienced for the first time in the home without a retail or brand representative present – but no longer. Integrate your brand into the unboxing moment by leveraging the presence of the voice assistant with Voicify.

module on voicify platform for the 'unboxing moment'
module on voice app cms for 'where is my order'

Where Is My Order (WISMO)

For many CPG brands, their call center is inundated with a single question: Where Is My Order?

Bring immediate conversational access to the answer and save significant costs while increasing customer satisfaction with Voicify.

The ‘unboxing’ moment is Exciting, you don’t have to miss it

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Integrate with a PIM and CRM

Voicify loves systems of record! So we built a simple webhook and integrations layer so you can pipe in all your variable data into a standard conversational structure. Voila with Voicify.

platform integration supported on voice cms platform

Simple Customization for your Business

Bringing your business into any channel needs to consider custom use cases. Voicify is built to create efficiency of customization to save time for IT and Marketing personnel alike.


Anonymous experiences can be good. Contextually relevant conversations and better and personalized conversations are the best. Voicify enables all three.

explicit personalization

Wolverine Worldwide & Merrell Hiking Shoes

See how Wolverine Worldwide and Merrell Shoes are entering voice