Global Scale

voice with global Impact

Built for global reach, Voicify enables you to meet your customers wherever they are. The platform leverages the power of AWS Cloud and includes features that make it easy to create and publish multilingual custom voice assistants.

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Global Infrastructure & Scale

US Data Centers

Leveraging AWS data centers within the US, Voicify is established as a highly secure, low latency solution.

German Data Centers

By extending our infrastructure to Germany and adhering to the strictest hosting and data standards in Europe, Voicify can serve the global community.

CEO Jeff McMahon Presents at Google Accelerator Demo Day

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Localization with Commercial Assistants

Amazon Alexa Globally

Alexa supports 8 languages with 15 dialects in over 80 countries. That’s a lot of combinations!

Voicify enables them. All of them.

Google Assistant Globally

Google Assistant supports upwards of 40 languages in over 80 countries with many dialects.

Voicify enables each of them. Globally.

Understanding the concepts and activations with Voice

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Using Voice Technology

by Jennifer Ayres, Lisa Insley & Jason Fields | Survive & Thrive Podcast

Real Time Locale Switching with Voicify’s Custom Assistant

Custom Voice Assistants

When a custom voice assistant is part of your strategy, Voicify brings a global scale to the solution. Not only does Voicify enable nearly every primary language, when the end-user chooses to switch from English, to say, Italian, it’s not a problem.

SMS & Web Chatbots

By leveraging the Voicify Custom Voice Assistant to power text-based endpoints like SMS and Webchat, you allow the end-user to change how to speak to you in real-time. No issues.