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See You at Sitecore Symposium 2018

by | Oct 4, 2018

I have attended over 10 Sitecore Symposiums in Boston, Vegas, New Orleans and now Orlando. In the past I was an agency partner and for the first time I am representing a technology partnership with Voicify. With this new perspective I thought it would be helpful to shed some light for those who are attending for the first time.

Plan your day ahead of time
Symposium has several guest speakers presenting on a wide-range of topics. I recommend planning out the sessions you want to attend ahead of time. In previous years some presentations hit maximum capacity leaving folks out of luck or listening outside the door. There will likely be a mobile app available. Download it when you get there and start making your plan.

Divide and conquer
You will likely be interested in sessions that overlap one another. If you are traveling with colleagues this is a good time to divide and conquer. Just be sure to take notes to share after the session is over.

Bring questions
You may have questions about specific features, implementation ideas or other thoughts. You’ll be impressed by the number of people that can help. It’s not limited to Sitecore staff; agency and integration partners can often tell you what to look out for.

Check out the exhibition hall
Sitecore Symposium showcases their implementation and technology partners throughout your time in Orlando. We at Voicify will be there answering questions about ways to integrate Sitecore content into a voice experience. Take some time to see us to learn about ways you can extend your Sitecore implementation.

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