The top three compelling features in the use of voice assistants are, Fast and accurate replies (82%), Understanding diction & accent (81%, and relevancy of recommendations (75%).


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Voice & Reason and Voicify Announce Partnership

Voicify, the leading Voice Experience Platform, has partnered with Voice & Reason, a brand voice and digital experience agency.  Voice & Reason has had a close working relationship with Voicify as their creative and brand agency since Voicify’s inception.

“Voice & Reason is a deeply capable agency with a diverse team of professionals who are all passionate about brand voice and the voice of the brand,” stated Jason Fields, Chief Strategy Officer for Voicify.  Jason went on to say “Voice & Reason has so much history establishing brand presence, voice and positioning that their involvement with Voicify was a no brainer.”

As brands and organizations work through the new that the voice channel creates for brand consistency, Voice & Reason leverages their expansive branding experience to work through strategy, planning and creative execution of voice content and it’s value to its clients.

“We continue to see very strong client demand for our agency model to use agile tools and methodologies,” says Mat Thomas, co-owner of Voice and Reason. “Through our partnership with Voicify, we now have a go-to voice platform that addresses the need for agility and scalability. Voicify is not only approachable for brands wanting to test the waters with voice content – it’s also perfect for our clients ready to dive into complex systems integrations.”

You can learn more about Voice & Reason on their Voicify Partner Page.

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