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Paulo Sellitti, Creative Director at Hypnotic Design, comes from a backround in entertainment, advertising, digital, and social media. His keen sense of how to pair business and entertainment in disruptive, branded-content campaigns is what excites us about our partnership.

Robert Naughton

Chief Revenue Officer, Voicify


Software. No software. CRM. Cloud. Subscription economy. Customer-centric business. AI. Revenue Optimization. The world changes and business evolves.

Someone discovers a better way to work, making life a little better. They engineer a solution, create a business, and set off to change the world.

They grow. They establish themselves. They then, stagnate.

Their category fills with noise, surrounded by more noise. Vision becomes clouded. Product solution replaces customer need. Competitors crowd the category. Revenue is cannibalized.

A force of disruption is needed for growth.

That’s where we come in. As a design consultancy for category disruption, we work directly with companies to tell their story of change. Clarifying purpose, defining difference, and emotionally engaging customers, we create 360° branded-content campaigns that make companies standout as category leaders.

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58% of online adults have used voice search and 33% were using it monthly in early 2019, up from just over 25% monthly reported use in September 2018.


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