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Ackerman McQueen is titan of conversation and influence branding.  We are thrilled to be their choice of technology in order to bring effecient & effective voice experience to all the major assistant and chatbot channels.
Robert Naughton

Chief Revenue Officer, Voicify

Ackerman McQueen

In the influence game, your competitors aren’t the brands you compete with for market share. They’re the brands you compete with for attention. Start with Disney. Netflix. Amazon. Fox. The New York Times. These are today’s titans of storytelling, the brands people flock to, eyes open, guard down, ready and willing to be transported, captivated … persuaded.

And here’s the good news: There is a story your brand could tell better than any other storyteller in the world.

But before we can find that narrative, we must first understand people. What they hear from you, and how it makes them feel.

The details of this process may be a little more complicated, but it will never be a formula that only we can execute. We deploy a hybrid of journalism, business strategy and creative expertise to get to something that is unique—but not magic. Our media properties are strategic at the core and built to live for decades, so long as the organization who owns them treats them with the care and craft they demand.

We partner with visionary brands that believe in order to succeed they must communicate like a media company, helping them define the narrative(s) they must own, the audiences they must bring value to and the strategy and creative to turn ideas into long-lasting influence. 

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