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Aha! is deeply knowledgeable in the health space and passionate about helping the healthcare industry adopt voice as a way to continuously personalize and humanize the voice and health care experiences.
Jason Fields

Chief Strategy Officer, Voicify

Abundant Health Acquisition (Aha!)

A massive shift is transforming how consumers engage with health systems. They are seizing control of healthcare – a shift seen before in other industries: hospitality, transportation, education, finance, and retail. Their expectations have been set by the digitally-native brands that have anticipated consumer need, embraced new technologies, and disrupted traditional industries and verticals.

Aha! is an experience design and digital marketing consultancy, purpose-built to address this challenge across the entire consumer journey. We dive deep into the data, interact directly, then explore, design, prototype, and activate integrated digital experiences to acquire, engage, and retain next-generation patients.

Uncovering insights from the consumer’s perspective, while helping health systems act on these insights, is our reason for being. This consumer empathy is the foundation for creating new experiences and innovations that drive patient acquisition, improve patient access to tools and information and power the system’s future growth.


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