George Carlin (aka Chat GPT) identifies the 7 dirty words of conversational AI

by | Mar 28, 2023 | Brand marketing, Content management, Insights, Voicify News

So we thought it would be fun to see how ChatGPT might act as George Carlin. So we told it: you are George Carlin, tell me the seven dirty words of conversational ai

“Well, hello again, it’s George Carlin, and now we’re talking about the seven dirty words of conversational AI. You know, I’ve always had a way with words, and I’m not afraid to tackle tough topics. So, here are the seven dirty words of conversational AI:

Garbage in, garbage out

This phrase refers to the fact that if you put bad data into an AI system, you’ll get bad results. It’s a reminder that AI systems are only as good as the data they’re trained on.


AI systems can pick up biases from the data they’re trained on, and this can lead to unfair or discriminatory results.

Black box

This refers to the fact that many AI systems are so complex that it’s hard to understand how they’re making decisions.


This is a technical term that refers to when an AI system is too closely trained on a specific dataset, and as a result, it doesn’t generalize well to new data.


This is the opposite of overfitting. It refers to when an AI system is too generalized and doesn’t capture the nuances of the data it’s trained on.

Echo chamber

This is a phenomenon where AI systems can reinforce our existing biases by only showing us content that we already agree with.


As AI systems become more sophisticated, there are concerns about how they’re collecting and using our personal data. We need to be mindful of the privacy implications of conversational AI.”

And in the spirit of solutions rather than challenges, here is how Voicify addresses each of the ‘7 dirty words of conversational AI.’

To combat the issue of “garbage in, garbage out,” Voicify allows data cleansing processes and algorithms to be executed by customers to ensure that the data used to train their AI models is accurate and represents the subject matter.

To address the issue of bias, Voicify employs a diverse set of data and works proactively to identify and mitigate any biases in AI models. This includes using techniques like adversarial training and fairness metrics to reduce bias.

To combat the issue of the “black box,” Voicfy’s user interface provides insights into how the AI models is making decisions, heavily influenced by your administration.

To address the issues of overfitting and underfitting, Voicify uses techniques like regularization and hyperparameter tuning to ensure that their models are correctly calibrated and generalize well to new data.

To combat the issue of the “echo chamber,” Voicify allows our customers to employ strategies to expose users to a diverse set of content and avoid reinforcing existing biases.

To address the privacy issue, Voicify implements strong data privacy and security measures, including encryption and restricted access controls, to protect users’ data. Voicify is also transparent about our data collection and usage practices to provide users with control over their data.

In short, when any business begins its conversational AI program choosing a platform that allows for administration for extensibility and efficacy is critical. Too many platforms box their customers into a single way of managing the solution. Voicify was built for businesses that need to be nimble and are planning to grow over time.

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