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Voicify & Abundant Health Acquisition Announce Partnership

by | Oct 30, 2018

Voicify has partnered with Abundant Health Acquisition (Aha!), a leading experience design consultancy headquartered in Chicago, IL. The inspiration for the partnership: bring an enhanced and effective process to deploy voice applications owned by healthcare providers by leveraging Aha!’s expertise in the space and Voicify’s voice experience platform.

As an experience design agency focused on health care, Aha! has positioned itself as an emerging leader with focus and energy in bringing modernity to the space. Aha!’s leadership team is made up of seasoned executives with long histories in improving consumer experiences by humanizing technology. Bringing best practices in digital marketing and experience design from industries like hospitality, transportation, financial services and CPG, Aha! improves the consumer experience with health systems from across the country.  To add to Aha!’s arsenal of technological tools, they have chosen to partner with Voicify to accelerate their clients desires to engage with consumers in an intimate and personal way, their voice.”

“The healthcare space and its adjacent industries, work within a tight system of privacy and legal rights that often has thwarted the adoption of technological advancements in customer experience,” says Jason Fields, Chief Strategy Officer of Voicify. “This isn’t inherently a negative, but it demands specialists to navigate, execute and often challenge those norms, Aha! Is the agency that successfully does this. ”

John Commy, CEO of Aha! Noted, “We’re delighted to partner with Voicify and see their platform as a catalyst for the design of voice experiences for our clients. Voice is a logical extension of the our experience design services and represents a natural way for consumers to navigate the often complicated health system services. We’re excited to activate voice across our client portfolio and improve patient access and engagement.

About Abundant Health Acquisition

Aha! is an experience design consultancy, purpose-built to address the challenge consumerism is having on today’s health systems. We explore, design, prototype, and activate integrated omnichannel digital experiences, along with next generation CRM, to acquire, engage, and retain next-generation patients. Uncovering insights from the consumer’s perspective, rather than the health system’s, is our reason for being. It’s the foundation for creating new experiences and innovations that drive patient acquisition and power the system’s future growth.

About Voicify and the Company’s Voice Experience Management Platform™

Voicify is the market leader in voice experience management software that combines voice optimized content management, cross-platform deployment, and voice-specific customer insights.

The Voicify Voice Experience Platform™ enables marketers to connect with their customers by creating highly engaging and personalized voice experiences that are automatically deployed to a broad array of voice platforms such as voice assistants (Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Microsoft Cortana), chatbots and other services.  The platform enables non-technical users to deploy feature-rich voice applications quickly and efficiently while offering the flexibility of unlimited customization.

Once brands have built and deployed a voice application on the Voicify Platform, brand authors can administer voice content within the Voicify Voice Content Management System™.  The Voice Content Management System™ offers an intuitive interface that allows non-technical personnel to create, modify, and remove content for a voice application.  This allows brands to create and maintain voice experiences that are more dynamic and engaging.

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