Salesforce & Voicify

Extending your commerce & CRM capabilities to voice while activating the strongest customer support channel yet known.

How do Salesforce & Voicify work together?

Voicify connects to Salesforce, Salesforce Commerce and Salesforce Service Cloud allowing you to personalize conversations, track conversations and leverage these repositories of content/data to influence the channel.


  • Handle customer account management tasks such as forgot password, communication preferences, product interest.
  • Leverage customer account information for frictionless commerce
  • Leverage customer account information to assist with customer support

Salesforce Service Cloud

By connecting Salesforce Service Cloud to Voicify you provide a conversational interface to your team’s customer cases and tasks.  Optionally offer customers the ability to create cases or tickets via voice.

  • Get customer case summaries and details via voice
  • Unique information based on the logged in support agent
  • Update customer cases via voice
  • Optionally give customers the ability to create new cases via conversational app

How it Works

  • Connect your Salesforce Service Cloud instance to Voicify
  • Modify conversation items to handle customer case search and details
  • Modify conversation items that supports updates to customer case status
  • Optionally create conversation items in customer facing apps to generate new customer cases

Salesforce Commerce Cloud

  • Build conversational experiences that informs customers about products
  • Supports frictionless commerce via account linking, Amazon Pay or Google Pay
  • No need for duplicate product content entry
  • Transaction data flows directly to Commerce Cloud; no need for outside reconciliation

How it works 

  • Connect your Commerce Cloud instance to Voicify
  • Create conversation items that support product search or create product guides that lead to transaction opportunities
  • Configure payment options using account linking, Amazon Pay or Google Pay

Understand Where in Your Voice App the Customer is Going

Voicify Visualizes the user path so you can see patterns emerge in the conversation.  This insights is critical to evolving the voice app and chatbot experience. Coupled with Voicify's other deep analytics, far beyond what Alexa, Google Assistant, Bixby or other chatbot platforms offer.

Activity Overlay voice apps voicify

Total Usage

Knowing how the voice app is performing is important to understand adoption.  Even with nascent technologies these kinds of metrics are important as a baseline for future knowledge and growth trends.

Service Delineation

Seeing usage by content is certaintly helpful, but Virtual Assistants and Chatbots carry with them a brand affinity just like browsers and mobile operating systems.  Knowing  where the usage lies can help brands determine where further customization and extension is warranted.

Service Delineation Account Management

What Was Missed

Your Customers are speaking to you. Not metaphorically.  We capture the missed intents.  The things your audience wants to talk to you about, that you haven't managed to yet.  This data can directly affect the conversational product roadmap and ensure you meet your customers where they are.