Voicify & Coveo

Voicify can leverage & deploy the intelligence of Coveo and the content across the enterprise to voice assistants & chatbots.

The question now is, what can’t you do in voice?

Leveraging Voicify with Coveo is one of the most powerful combinations you can activate  in voice.  The strength of Coveo’s index across the enterprise combined with the simple conversational experience platform of Voicify means the end user will be able to converse freely with your brand, no matter how they pivot in the conversation.

Customer Experience Wins When Powerful Systems Work Together

Coveo customers are some of the most advanced customer experience and employee experience thinkers in the world.  And true to the nature of digital a new channel came along no one could have planned for: Voice.  

With voice comes Voicify, the worlds enterprise voice solution.  The partnership and integration of these two world class platforms ensures the strategies, content and customer experience that is being managed across the digital ecosystem enables the same benefits to the conversational experience too.

Customers decide the device,
So Voicify Optimizes Coveo Intelligence for all of them

Voicify + Coveo delivers your brand to conversational channels across the board

Voicify + Coveo immediately brings real time, dynamic enterprise search to your employees.

Coveo is a powerful tool for digital channels oriented towards customers, and often the entry point for many Coveo users.

Coveo is also is powerful in creating efficiency for the enterprise itself through back system integrations.  With Voicify + Coveo, the dynamic, intelligent experience Coveo offers becomes voice controlled – offering further efficience of verbal and aural processing.

Understand Where in Your Voice App the Customer is Going

Voicify Visualizes the user path so you can see patterns emerge in the conversation.  This insights is critical to evolving the voice app and chatbot experience. Coupled with Voicify's other deep analytics, far beyond what Alexa, Google Assistant, Bixby or other chatbot platforms offer.

Activity Overlay voice apps voicify

Total Usage

Knowing how the voice app is performing is important to understand adoption.  Even with nascent technologies these kinds of metrics are important as a baseline for future knowledge and growth trends.

Service Delineation

Seeing usage by content is certaintly helpful, but Virtual Assistants and Chatbots carry with them a brand affinity just like browsers and mobile operating systems.  Knowing  where the usage lies can help brands determine where further customization and extension is warranted.

Service Delineation Account Management

What Was Missed

Your Customers are speaking to you. Not metaphorically.  We capture the missed intents.  The things your audience wants to talk to you about, that you haven't managed to yet.  This data can directly affect the conversational product roadmap and ensure you meet your customers where they are.