Merrell Leverages Voicify with Alexa & Google Assistant to Get People Outside

by | Oct 6, 2020 | Industry News, Voicify News

In response to COVID-19 isolation and in support of their mission, Merrell extends brand promise by allowing users to ‘Find a Trail Near Me’ just by asking their voice assistant

BOSTON, MA – Merrell, an outdoor and hiking brand within the Wolverine Worldwide shoe conglomerate, recently launched an Alexa Skill and Google Assistant Action.  The platform empowering the experience is the Conversational Experience Platform, Voicify.

 The experience focuses on allowing the user to ask Merrell to find a trail near them, subsequently offering information with more details, difficulty ratings and directions. Subsequently the information can be texted to the user for later reference. To achieve the widest availability to their customers and all users they deployed the experience to both Alexa and Google Assistant, one of the core strengths of the Voicify Platform.

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“Merrell’s brand promise is to get people outdoors and now more than ever it seemed important to live up to that brand promise,” stated Jane Smith Digital Marketing Director of Merrell. She continued, “Voicify quickly emerged as the right platform to partner with. Voicify enabled us to do in weeks what normally takes months and the team rapidly became masters of the Voicify tool.”

“The Merrell team approached voice in exactly the right way,” said Jason Fields, Chief Strategy Officer of Voicify. “Where many brands try to make everything for everyone, Merrell identified one of many moments in the customers life where they could be useful and built an experience for it.”

Using their brand name as the invocation with both major voice assistants Merrell will expand their voice experience to include functions and features that continuously support micro-moments of the customer experience including customer support and voice commerce.

Activate the Merrell Skill & Action through any device where the assistants are active, native mobile apps or through the Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant listing pages.

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