I Voicified Monday.com to make it more accessible and fun

by | Sep 1, 2020 | Industry News, Voicify News


I’ve been a monday.com user for a few years now and use it quite a bit for roadmap planning, task management, team comms, and so much more! I wanted to bridge the gap of what I’ve been working on in conversational AI and accessibility over the last few years with the same productivity tools I use to work on that technology. This led me to a few key points:

  • Build something for everyone
  • Build something to use anywhere
  • Build something actually useful
  • Build something production ready
  • Teach people along the way

With all of that together, I set out on building the Monday Manager – a voice and conversational assistant that lets you interact with your Monday boards, items, and more!

What it does

Monday Manager lets you interact with your monday.com account in an entirely new way – with your voice! It’s currently available as an Alexa Skill and a Google Action, but with more platforms to come. To get started simply:

1. Enable the Skill/Action

  • (Once the skill is in the skill store), say “Alexa, enable Monday Manager” or find it in the skill store from the Alexa mobile app. Note: at the point of this project submission, the Alexa skill is still in review and not publicly available.
  • On google say “Hey Google, talk to Monday Manager”, or use this link to the actions directory

2. Link your Amazon/Google account to your monday.com account

  • On Alexa, go to the Alexa app, then to the Monday Manager skill and select “settings” to link your account.

Alexa account link

  • Then sign in with your Monday account and give the Monday Manager permission to access your boards: Alexa account link
  • On Google, just say “Talk to Monday Manager” and the sign-in process will start right away.
  • Once you’ve link your account, you’re good to go and no longer need to sign in.

Note: you need at least “editor” permissions within your Monday team to use the app

3. Start talking to the Monday Manager and interacting with your boards

You can ask all sorts of questions including major features like:


  • Iterating through your boards


board details

  • board details
  • Iterating through each item
  • Getting board details
  • Adding new items directly into groups

adding items


Then you can immediately see the result in your monday boards:

added item

There are also a number of experimental features shown in the video which only work for certain users such as:

  • Pushing task dates in bulk
  • Getting aggregated item information that you are assigned to As the system gets smarter, these features will start to be enabled for all users.
  • You can read more about it in the “Challenges I ran into” section.

Want to dig deeper? Visit my devpost.com submission to Monday.com goes into all the technical details.


Check it out on Google Assistant

Launch it with Amazon Alexa

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