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Virtual assistants have brought comfort and quality of life to modern users. These programs can turn off the lights, turn on music, set alarms, change the temperature, and so much more. But as programs, they have the ability to be upgraded and changed from time to time. New changes and developments in virtual assistants can make modern living even better!

We all know Alexa, the Amazon virtual assistant found on Amazon Echo and other third-party devices. People who use virtual assistants tend to use Alexa, according to one survey. Almost 70 percent of virtual assistant users preferred to use Alexa. In 2019, Amazon reported that 100 million Alexa devices had been sold. But Alexa has a function that some people haven’t discovered yet: Alexa Routines.

Computer programmers know how to code an operating system to complete several tasks all at once. But a user doesn’t have to know complicated codes or programming in order to use this function in Alexa. Simple routines can be triggered by just speaking a phrase.

By using Alexa routines, users can command a whole sequence of events. This function can make your smart house or smart lifestyle even smarter.

With an app like Voicify, this process becomes foolproof. Voicify allows operational content and processes to be controlled by voice assistants, in a function called “voicification.” These tools already exist on the platform you use, but now you can bring them together to help create the best routines for you and your family.

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How Do I Make An Alexa Routine?

Some routines are already installed into Alexa. Amazon created several basic routines, like “Start My Commute” or “Good Morning” that offer very basic tasks for Alexa to do. These include playing music lists, reading the news, letting you know the weather for the day, turning on or off the lights, and so on. But users can also create their own routines.

How do you create a routine? Users can just open the app, click on “More,” and then click on “Routines.” Don’t feel limited by trigger words or phrases. The app can schedule these routines to happen daily, weekly, or even monthly. Consider it a calendar of sorts. When do you need to wake up in the morning? When does the dog get fed? When do you usually come home from work? Is your child getting home from school early? Will there be a day when the whole family is gone from the house, but the dog is still there by himself? These are the kinds of questions to ask yourself when creating routines.

The technology has so many more options for triggering a routine. If you have the Alexa app on your phone, simply geo-caching in a certain location can send a message to your virtual assistant. If your doorbell is connected to Alexa, it can turn the lights on and trigger security every time someone rings the doorbell when you aren’t home. Plugs, switches, and buttons can also be the catalyst for an Alexa routine to get started. If you turn on your bathroom light at 9:00 pm, Alexa can get your shower ready for you thanks to a routine you have set up.

Are you the type of person that keeps hitting the snooze button? You can create an Alexa routine to get you out of bed! All it takes is a little creativity and Alexa can jolt your senses awake so you’re up and ready for that 9:00 am meeting with the boss. The possibilities are endless.

The routines themselves are also sharable. If you have a loved one who just can’t figure out how to set up an Alexa routine, you can simply set up one for them and send it to their Alexa.

New additions are released all the time. One of the newer options includes a routine to use while driving in the car. You can pay for gas, turn off the car, and open the gas tank all at once thanks to a quick Alexa routine. Since Alexa has an auto mode, simply using a trigger word or phrase like “pay for gas” will start the routine.

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Alexa Routine Statistics

Alexa has completely changed how its customers view smart technology and smart homes. In a survey, 65 percent of the respondents agreed that the virtual assistant had changed their daily routines.

66.4 million American households own virtual assistants like Alexa. During an era like the COVID-19 pandemic families and employees alike found routines to be game-changing. Whether a family is trying homeschooling during a lockdown or an employee is figuring out how to work from home, more and more people discovered the helpfulness in Alexa routines overall.

72 percent of those who own a virtual assistant claim they use it daily in their routines. 77 percent of those users who interact with the program multiple times a day say it has changed their lives dramatically.

Alexa Routine Trends

How Voicify Can Help

Voicify offers solutions for industries and businesses to get involved with this new world of virtual assistants and voice-enabled apps. They can help integrate any voice-enabled technology into your current system without hassles or hiccups. In addition, Voicify’s employee engagement software can use Alexa routines to help employees in your workplace set their own schedules and hold themselves accountable to their daily goals.

Now that more employees are working from home in virtual settings, Voicify can help provide them with any information they may need. These programs increase their productivity by 20-25 percent overall. Does your employee not like Alexa or Echo? Voicify can integrate its software into any device of their choosing.

Voicify can help your workforce:

  • Spend less time doing repetitive tasks.
  • Communicate better with employers and colleagues during work hours.
  • Access any company information in a matter of seconds.
  • Decrease overall operational costs with more efficient technology.

6.2 billion hours of employment time were recaptured thanks to the help of virtual assistants. Let Voicify help you re-capture some time with one of their programs!

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