Voicify is Backbone for Wild Turkey Tasting and the Campari Group at Large

by | Feb 2, 2021 | Brand marketing, Industry News, Voicify News

Wild Turkey recently released the Wild Turkey Tasting voice experience on Alexa and Google Assistant. Voicify was the chosen platform for Wild Turkey as the enterprise voice solution selected by the Campari Group headquartered out of Italy with its North American offices out of New York.

Inside the Voicify Powered Wild Turkey Guided Tasting

 The experience is unlike other tastings which only use the voice of the assistant and offer little multimodality support. Wild Turkey, driven by Havas CX creative were able to take advantage of key efficiencies offered by the Voicify Platform to extend the experience beyond what conventional budgets and effort generally allow. The Alexa Skill and Google Action support key functionality made easy by Voicify including:

  • Custom Voice management
  • Background and foreground imagery for device optimization
  • Sonic branding across the experience
  • Simple content management
  • Real time content updates with no need for resubmission
  • Deep analytics including missed phrases by the user

“Wild Turkey alongside many of our other Fortune 500 customers are showing the market that brands are taking a voice experience seriously,” observed Jeff McMahon, CEO of Voicify.  He added, “We are well beyond voice being a novelty like web was in early days. Wild Turkey and the Campari Group recognize that the voice and conversational channels are part of the marketing and CX mix that need to be considered carefully and managed dynamically. This is why Voicify was chosen for Campari and has become the enterprise solution for voice across industries”

 For Wild Turkey the entrance into voice was well timed within a cultural shift where brands need to bring their experiences into homes and personal spaces of their customers. This powerful, brand owned experience does just that.


Experience the Wild Turkey Tasting on Alexa and Google Assistant.

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