Six reasons QSR is leaning into Conversational AI

by | Oct 11, 2022 | Industry News, Voicify News

QSR CX Focuses Voice AI/UI on Customer Service and Sales 

  1. More accurate ordering
  2. Better upsell opportunities
  3. Greater Hygiene
  4. Reduced Operational Costs
  5. Consistent brand experiences
  6. Faster, more convenient customer service 

1. More accurate and faster ordering

     According to QSR Magazine, up to 17% of drive-thru orders are incorrect due to employees’ mistakes. Mobile ordering is widespread but relies on time-consuming tap and swipe on the user’s part. With a voice user interface in the app and conversational AI powering it, the user has a verbal counter experience wherever they feel like it. And the voice assistant surfaces additional functionality to match the mobile application, like curbside notifications and order resolution with errors.

     2. Better upsell opportunities

     Upselling is a key ingredient to QSR ticket growth and overall revenue. Forbes discovered that voice assistants increase ticket value by 20-40%. A study by Intel reports that voice-enabled kiosks order size by 30-40%. The always-on, always-available, always-upselling voice assistant becomes an extension of the staff while freeing human resources to focus on product delivery.

     3. Greater Hygiene

     Voice ordering not only brings a counter-like experience to supplemental endpoints, it does so with greater attention to health and safety. 22% of consumers have stopped transacting with a brand because they felt their health and safety measures were insufficient (Hospitality Tech). Voice-enabled kiosks allow customers to order without touching the kiosk screen. Voice-enabled mobile apps allow customers to order without touching their own screen, all the while letting them use their own language to order your products.

     4. Reduced Operational Costs

     By streamlining ordering processes with voice assistants order taking is minimized with human resources and expedited for the customer, bringing the quick to QSR. Hospitality Insights examined voice-enabled order solutions and discovered drive-thru revenue increased 10-20%. And with 14% of consumers using voice assistants to order meals for delivery while driving, as reported by, voice assistant ordering brings ease of use to the customer when they need it.

     5. Consistent Brand Experience

     From signage to cups, wrappers and mobile apps, brand experience comes in all sizes and flavors. By leveraging the same voice assistant across multiple endpoints (drive-thru, mobile, SMS, telephony, VR) the interaction by the consumer is consistent no matter where they opt to order with you. Small Biz Genius reports that presenting a consistent brand presence across all platforms can increase revenue by up to 23%.

     Rather than relying on in-store employees, a voice assistant can incorporate all vital company language throughout the conversation with the customer. The always-on, always-available voice assistant is trained and updated with messaging and language quickly, removing human training and retention from the process and delivering a consistent experience uniformly.

     6. Faster, More Convenient Customer Service

     While order taking is the bread and butter of the QSR industry, order resolution and customer service are a resource drain on staff both in-store and in call centers. When orders aren’t fulfilled accurately, customers complain. A voice assistant can mitigate the drain that these complaints have on staff by allowing the customer to engage directly with immediate order resolution leaving them satisfied and untouched by store staff.

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