Yext & Voicify

More than Voice SEO.

Its Conversation Ownership.

Ensure Accuracy & Consistency with the Voicify/Yext Connector.

There is no longer a need to trust that virtual assistants will find and convey the right data about your company.  With the Yext & Voicify Connector, the same data used across your digital channels is available for conversational UI, dynamically, in real time and without redundancy of content.

That’s more than Voice SEO.  That’s Voicify.

Voicify + Yext Extends the Benefits of Yext to all Conversational Channels, Seamlessly

Voicify + Yext immediately brings real time business information to your customer conversation.

Voicify integrates with Yext to support the various types of content you would use in a conversation with your audiences.

  • Text to speech
  • Audio files
  • Video files
  • Audio snippets
  • Sonic Branding
  • Background & Foreground images
  • Pitch,  Loudness, Tone
  • SayAs
  • Device Layouts & Config
  • Hints & Suggestion Chips
  • Conversation Templates
  • and more… (See All Features)

The Knowledge of Yext and the Distribution of Voicify.

Yext customers care deeply about their brand and how customers understand key elements of their services, products and company.

Voicify is a natural extension for brands who are this aware of customer experience and data consistency.  By using Voicify to deploy a voice and/or chat experience in concert with Yext you are able to respect the system of record and build upon it for whichever use cases your business deems appropriate.

Customers decide the device,
So we Optimize for All of Them