The Conversation Experience Maturity Model offers guidance on how to think through opportunities

Because it’s hard to know where to go, when you don’t know where to start.

We're excited to get this tool into your hands!

The Conversational Marketing Maturity Model is:

  • 5 pages of content in PDF format (overview model shown below)
  • Stages of growth and how to identify sophistication
  • Where to begin executing categorically
  • KPI’s for consideration as the business becomes more familiar with the channel
  • Involving the business beyond customer experience and allowing voice to build operational value
  • How to think through the progression of complexity and integrations

Cross-Platform Healthcare Voice App Management

Marketing-Friendly Content Editor to Empower Patient Experience Managers

Voicify has taken the complexity of development out of conversational technology.  Voicify has ensured the way in which content is managed is friendly to those who need to manage it.  Familiar user interfaces in a web browser are at the center of the platform.

Respecting the format of the content itself

Having a conversation isn’t just about hearing and Voicify accommodates all the content types a brand might want to be part of a conversation.  As devices continue to be invented and embedded with conversational UI, Voicify is set to scale with them.  Ensuring the consistency of the conversation in an ever-growing multimodal world.

Voicify supports text to voice, text display, sonic branding, audio files, video files, images, icons, and device-specific nuance.  So you can pay attention to every segment of your audience.

“But we don’t know what device they will use?”

Voicify optimizes multimodal, so not only is it the right content, it’s contextualized for the device they are using.

Whether the content is stored in Voicify itself or in a different system of record, Voicify listens for contextual cues from the user to optimize the response for the device itself.  Because video in a moving car is always a bad idea.